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If you’re like most internship seekers, you’re mainly using job boards. Go where the internships are, right? Not exactly. I’m a strong believer that looking for companies is more important than looking for internships. I explain why in Foundation 3 of our free job search prep course. If you just look for internships that are posted on job boards (or even companies that have intenrships posted on their own site), you’re going to miss out on great opportunities. Sometimes you just need to think about the products that you like, and investigate who makes them. For instance, I occasionally enjoy coconut water. I’ve tried a number of brands, and El Segundo, CA based ZICO tastes the best to me (but only the Natural flavor). I’m not one of those people who believes coconut water is magic, but I do think it makes a far better sports drink than Gatorade.

Go Coconuts

ZICO had definitely positioned itself as a sports drink. Part of it is a choice, but part of it is that coconut water is naturally a great sports drink with just enough, but not too much sugar and five electrolytes: sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium (as much as banana), and phosphorus. Apparently you can even use coconut water as an intravenous fluid. Most of ZICO’s marketing seems to be focused around Team Zico, which includes athletes like Kevin Garnett, Will Venable, Bethany Hamilton, and a lot of people that I’ve never heard of. It’s not that ZICO’s team doesn’t have great athletes, it’s just that most are in sports that I don’t follow. They have people from yoga, triathletes, surfers, stand up paddle boarders, surfers, volleyball players, and lots more. Those are the kinds of sports that ZICO’s brand image is all about. If you like that image, then consider an internship with Zico. They don’t have a Jobs page or jobs posted on other sites, but they do allow job inquires through their Contact form. If you want to go in with an idea of what might be possible, I highly recommend that you do some research on LinkedIn (here’s a lesson on how to do that). They have had interns in the past, and you should be able to find what they interned in after going through that lesson.

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Do you drink ZICO?

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Want to try more searches? Check out our internship search engine.

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