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When people unsubscribe from these e-mails, the biggest complaint that I hear is that the jobs aren’t relevant (have you tried our search engine?). I understand that a single company every day isn’t enough for some people, but if you think our posts are just about the company that we’re covering that day, you’re missing a big part of ODOI’s value. Each day’s profile should be a jumping off point for your job search. So let’s say you really liked Totsy, but you want to be on the West Coast. Did you immediately start looking for competitors closer to where you want to be? If you had, you would have found Zulily, a Seattle, WA based company that offers “daily deals for moms, babies and kids.” It’s a pretty similar business, but it’s a completely different company. Even if you have no interest in either of these companies, you can use them as inspiration to find other interesting companies. For instance you could look up their investors, and see which other companies they’re investing in, or you could look at the products each site sells and research the companies that make them.

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Now let’s dig into Zulily. They have more than $50 million in venture funding, and most of that came last August. The company was named one of Seattle’s hottest startups, which should be no surprise with that kind of funding. Much like Totsy, Zulily is all about major discounts on big name brands (here’s a list of the brands they work with). Zulily keeps getting a ton of press, so if you really want to dig into the details, you should check out some of the more recent articles. So what about Careers at Zulily? Much like Totsy, they’ve had past interns in a number of areas, but they don’t have any positions posted now. This situation is always an opportunity, so make the most of it and reach out to Zulily about future internships.Even if Zulily isn’t a great fit for you, let’s see where this post can lead you. E-mail me at willy@onedayonejob.com and tell me where you end up.

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Want to try more searches? Check out our internship search engine.

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