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XM Satellite Radio

by on July 17, 2008

XM Satellite Radio

Yesterday we were doing our daily scan for Fall Internships on Twitter via Summize and came across something cool. XM Satellite Radio has a Twitter account solely for its internship program. Although they only have 7 followers at the moment, XM’s interns are doing something groundbreaking – they’re live micro-blogging their internships with corporate blessing. We are impressed! That was enough to convince us to write about XM’s internships; however, we were doubly impressed when a closer look at their internships site reavealed that XM currently has 31 Fall internships listed.

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Fiji Water

by on July 15, 2008

Fiji Water Logo

I’ve been known to give people a hard time for buying Fiji Water, but then to drink it myself. I drink a lot of water, and Fiji Water is some of the best, but it seems crazy to have water shipped half way around the world when we have some of the world’s best drinking water sitting in our toilets (and coming out of our faucets too). Still, there’s something to be said for enjoying the luxury of sipping water that comes from an artesian well at the edge of a primitive rain forest. If you’re going to drink bottled water, it might as well come from Fiji. It might be as close as you’ll ever get to the place.

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by on July 11, 2008

Laserfiche Logo

Imagine that instead of graduating in 2009, 2010, or 2011, you are graduating in 1980. You’re interning at a law firm, and you’re working on a major litigation for a Japanese auto manufacturer. You are responsible for organizing thousands of pages of documents by keyword so that the lawyers will be able to quickly find relevant depositions. Doesn’t sound like very much fun, does it? Not too long ago this was a reality, and although we’re now mostly blind to the wonders of search, Laserfiche offered a revolutionary product in 1987 when they offered the first DOS-based document imaging system. Now interns could just scan these documents, and software would automatically index every single word. This may have been bad for paralegals and interns (software replacing humans), but it was good for anyone who might consider working or interning for Laserfiche. Although it may seem that companies could easily manage their documents now that most things have gone digital, they can’t. That’s why Laserfiche is still kicking around, helping organization manage information.

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Ford Models

by on July 10, 2008

Ford Models Logo

Do you love fashion? Do you enjoy being around beautiful people? Are you trying to date a model? These are all reasons that you might want to intern for Ford Models. Some of these reasons are more legitimate than others, but from what we gather, you need to be really serious about the modeling industry to land an internship with Ford Models. Competition is fierce for the limited spots they have, and finding information on how to land an internship with Ford Models is pretty tough. We’ve done a bunch of research, and we think we’ve got most of the details figured out. So if you’re ready to give up that dream of being a model yourself, then maybe interning at a modeling agency will be what you need to plan your new direction in life.

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by on July 9, 2008

ABC Logo

Do you start every day with Good Morning America? Do you think that the Today Show is the essence of everything that is evil in the world? Well, then you sound perfect for an internship with ABC. They have all kinds of internships, from the typical business areas to opportunities with specific shows. They make it a bit hard to find out how to apply, so that’s what we’re going to focus on today.

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Tesla Motors

by on July 8, 2008

Tesla Motors Logo

To be honest, I’m not totally focused on writing this post right now. I’m trying to stick it to the airlines who have responded to high fuel prices with surcharges for checked baggage. I’m already on the hook for $15 each way for my first checked bag, but I’m trying like heck to avoid the $25 each way for a second checked bag. The issue is that I’m packing for a trip that includes a Cubs game, a wedding, two days of fly fishing, a couple work related meetings, and some quality time with my girlfriend and her family. Nobody has built luggage that can keep a suit wrinkle free and hold two 4-piece fly rods yet, so I’m left scrambling. A much better way to stick it to the man is to get an electric car. That way fuel prices will just be a worry in your rearview mirror. Tesla Motors is in the business of designing and producing electric cars, and they will hopefully one day make purchasing an electric car a real possibility.

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Poets & Writers

by on July 6, 2008

Poets & Writers Logo

Poets & Writers is an organization for creative writers, by creative writers, and it provides a wealth of information and resources that not only help individual creative writers, but also improves the state of modern literature as a whole. We can appreciate that, since our daily posts about internships are a key part of modern American literature (yes, we’re kidding). In fact, Poets & Writers is the country’s largest non-profit organization that serves creative writers. They offer opportunities for writers to connect with each other and funding for “writers who give readings or conduct writing workshops.” Poets & Writers also acts as a resource and clearinghouse for information that creative writers will find valuable. They “compile resources with real value to writers,” while eliminating all the junk that might not seem so bad at first. Isn’t it nice to have someone digest information for you and then spit it back to you after they’ve given it a good once, twice, or three times over? Poets & Writers shares this information through their website and their magazine.

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Shriners Hospitals for Children Logo

We hope you had a safe Independence Day. Unfortunately, every year people get hurt during the celebration. Fireworks are a lot of fun, but they can result in some really nasty burns and injuries. Since we encouraged you to blow stuff up yesterday, we thought we’d counter that by featuring a non-profit organization that helps children who endure severe burns. The Shriners Hospitals for Children do exactly that. Who are Shriners? They wear funny hats. They drive little cars in parades. They’re Freemasons. And most importantly, they help kids through their hospitals. That’s going to be our focus today, since college students likely aren’t that interested in being part of a fraternal organization that seems like it has an average age north of 60. Then again, you probably got all hot and bothered about your college’s greek organizations and secret societies.

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I was 10 when the first season of Road Rules came out. I had seen the Real World before, but it didn’t really appeal to me. Road Rules, on the other hand, was just about the coolest show ever to me. They had a Winnebago! I’m not sure if the show got worse as the seasons progressed, or if the cast just seemed way less cool as I approached them in age, but after a few seasons of watching both the Real World and Road Rules, I got bored. Still, you have to respect Bunim-Murray Productions for essentially creating reality tv. We’ve all now been desensitized to how revolutionary those shows were when they first aired. Now we have The Simple Life, Living Lohan, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Old Skool (all current BMP projects). It’s not the same, but that doesn’t mean that an internship with Bunim-Murray Productions won’t be an awesome experience.

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SHIFT Communications

by on June 30, 2008

SHIFT Communications Logo

We were once again scanning Twitter for companies that are looking for Fall interns, and we came across a number of tweets regarding SHIFT Communications. That convinced us to take a look, and we’re pretty happy with what we found (although not happy that barely any companies are tweeting about Fall internships yet). SHIFT Communications is a tech PR firm located in Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA. Judging from their Twitter presence and the fact that they link to 3 of their blogs on their home page, they’re really up on this social media thing. As they should be, tech PR is all about being online.

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by on June 25, 2008

Christie\'s Logo

There are a lot of ways to get Fall internships. You can apply blindly. You can try your hand at networking. You can find great internships here. You can even bid on internships in auctions. Yes, that’s right, parents are now buying their kids internships at auction. Today we will be talking about auctions and internships, but Christie’s is not auctioning off their internships. They must maintain their aura of international glamour, and to besmirch their name by selling internships to the highest bidder would not be wise. Founded in 1766, Christie’s is now the “world’s leading art business with global auction sales in 2007 that totaled $6.3 billion.”

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Ziba Design

by on June 24, 2008

Ziba Design Logo

Judging from the attention that our post about IDEO’s internships received, a lot college students must be fascinated by process of innovation and its reliance on design. Whether you’re in Art school and majoring in design or you’ve always felt a need to outlet your creativity despite other academic pursuits, an internship at Ziba Design might be just what you need to get the experience that you’ll need to land a full time job doing what you love.

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by on June 6, 2008

This is it. If you don’t find yourself a Summer internship soon, it’s going to be too late. This is our third to last post about Summer internships for a while. We’ll be covering two non-profit summer internships this weekend, and then we’re going to take two weeks to prepare for covering Fall internships. Now that you know our plans, here’s one more company that is still hiring Summer interns. Hello is a Culver City, CA based interactive design agency. They have an extremely impressive portfolio, and from what we can tell they are still hiring Summer interns.

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by on June 5, 2008

Valleywag Logo

We’re not big on gossip here, but judging by the way tv news covers celebrities most people are. Since we’re much more interested in Silicon Valley startups than Britney Spears, when we do follow the gossip, it’s usually on sites like Valleywag. A member of the Gawker media empire, Valleywag calls itself “Silicon Valley’s tech gossip rag.” Clearly they know that they’re working every day to make the world a better place.

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by on May 29, 2008

CNN Logo

Are you a news junkie? Do you write for your college newspaper? Have a radio show on your college station? Upload your own videos to YouTube? Whether you want to be behind the camera, in front of the camera, or in the editing room, CNN offers an excellent internship program that will get you familiar with working in television and the news. If you want to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, CNN is the place to start. The variety of internships that they offer provide phenomenal opportunities for hands-on experience and training.

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Lime Energy

by on May 28, 2008

Lime Energy Logo

When we heard the name Lime Energy, our first thought was of a lime battery (close relative of the more common lemon battery). Since they’re a company that is all about energy efficiency, they’re probably not proponents of running a building entirely off of lime power. Although that may sound like a green alternative, we’d imagine that it would be extremely inefficient. Here’s a consulting interview type question – how many limes would it take to power Lime Energy’s office building for a day?

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by on May 15, 2008

AVP Logo

It is no wonder that I decided to play volleyball in college. After all, my parents met on the volleyball court, and my first toy was not a doll or a teddy bear, but it was a mini Molton volleyball too big to even fit in my hands. Upon graduation in a couple of weeks, I will officially be retired from college athletics. As I enter the working world in the fall, for the first time in my life, I will be forced to fit volleyball into my schedule, rather than fitting my schedule around volleyball. Unfortunately, in consulting “on the beach” means working out of the home office, where volleyball is not an approved activity. Had I known that volleyball could have been my work and my play, like it is for the AVP‘s interns, I may have decided on a different career path. It’s too bad One Day, One Internship wasn’t around during my internship search.

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CNET Networks

by on May 14, 2008

CNET Networks Logo

First of all, apologies to our e-mail subscribers. For some reason yesterday’s post didn’t get sent, but it should have been included with today’s post. Hopefully it won’t happen again. As for internships, it’s getting harder every day to find quality opportunities to write about, but we’re planning sticking with posting about opportunities for this Summer for at least a few more weeks. Even if you’re a bit desperate for an internship, you should try to find something that will actually be worth your while. Don’t just get an internship for the sake of getting an internship. If you’re interested in media, make sure that your internship has something to do with the Internet. A company like CNET Networks is perfect, because they have a proven track record, but they’re still a new media company.

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Your TV20

by on May 13, 2008

Your TV20 Logo

As it gets later and later in the internship hunting season, you need to change the focus of your internship search to more local possibilities. There are still opportunities to get an internship half way across the country, fly in for interview, land the job, and spend the summer in a new city, but they’re dwindling quickly. That type of hiring process just doesn’t work well in May for Summer internships. As disappointing as it may seem, you might have to spend the summer living with Mom and Dad. What kind of local options do you have? It depends where you live. One option that is available in many locales is interning for a local tv station. Most areas have some form of local station, and these stations can always use interns. It’s not as glamorous as interning for a major network, but the experience can be much more hands on. One example of a local television station that is still hiring Summer interns is Your TV20 in San Francisco.

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Green Options

by on May 9, 2008

Green Options Logo

With the amount that the word “green” is thrown around these days, you’d think there are a lot of envious people out there. Maybe there are, but that’s not what it’s all about. It’s about being Irish. Just kidding. It’s about the environment. There’s still a ton of debate about how far we need to go to with environmentalism, but it’s hard to argue against improving efficiency and sustainability. Green Options is a blog network that is focused on the “need for innovative solutions to our (the world’s) problems.” They say that they’re “not treehuggers or hippies per se,” but that they “believe market-based solutions are the key to reaching true sustainability.” We second them on market-based solutions! It’s a great way to initiate change, because it starts with the most willing.

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by on May 7, 2008

Harpo Logo

We’re seriously covering daytime tv this week. Yesterday we talked about soap opera internships, and today we’re talking about Oprah. We just want you to realize the sad reality that if you don’t get motivated and start working to find an internship today, you might spend the summer on the couch instead of in the office. As character building as sitting on the couch is, it’s not the type of work experience that is going to look good on your resume when you need to apply for jobs after graduation. You can’t even call it “traveling.” So instead of making an impression in the seat cushions of your couch, you should be making an impression in a real work environment. Harpo is Oprah Winfrey’s media company, and they’re still looking for Summer interns.

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Better World Books

by on May 1, 2008

We first found Better World Books when we were looking for non-profits jobs to write about for One Day, One Job (in case you were wondering, here are non-profit internships). We quickly realized that they weren’t a non-profit, but a “for profit social venture.” That means that Better World Books operates with the goal of profitability, but they donate all profits to non-profit organizations such as Books for Africa, Room to Read, and the National Center for Family Literacy. It’s a really cool model that seems to be working well for them.

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by on April 29, 2008

Mint Logo

We can be pretty sure that most of our readers are concerned with their futures – internships aren’t for slackers. Many undergraduates spend a lot of time focused on preparing themselves for a career, but they often ignore the other things that are essential to success in the “real world.” One of those things is personal finance. Everyone who is responsible about his or her finances raise your hand (or leave a comment). Yeah, that’s what we thought. Well, in this Web 2.0 world, managing your personal finances can actually be kind of fun. Mint is a startup that is enabling the fun.

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Sun Microsystems

by on April 28, 2008

Sun Microsystems Logo

I’ll admit it; I’ve become a mild Twitter addict. I just keep finding internships to write about by scanning tweets and following the links that they contain. It’s getting late in the game, and harder and harder to find companies that are still looking for Summer interns, but using unorthodox methods can turn up some great results. Most recently, I found a link to a post by a Sun Microsystems employee who is looking for two interns. Her post led us to Sun’s main Careers site, which truly impressed us.

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jetBlue Airways

by on April 25, 2008

Whenever I fly somewhere, my first instinct is to check if jetBlue Airways is an option. Why would anyone ever pick anything else? They have friendly crew members, delicious snacks, more leg room, televisions in the back of the seats, and often cheaper fares. They even have a Customer Bill of Rights that ensures great service. Why is this relevant to internships? Because companies that put out great products or services often make the best places to work. If you’re fascinated by the airline industry, then what could be better than an internship with jetBlue?

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