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Search for Common Ground

At some point in your life, you’ve probably had a conflict – an argument with your parents, siblings, roommates, or others. Humans inherently have conflicting interests, but that doesn’t mean that common ground can’t be found. Search for Common Ground is a non-profit organization that “works to transform the way the world deals with conflict – away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative problem solving.” Sometimes it may seem impossible, but most conflicts can be resolved peacefully through with the right methods. Search for Common Ground uses its 5 core principles to encourage attitudes that resolve conflicts across the world. These are: Conflict is neither negative nor positive; Conflict can be transformed; Finding common ground; Peace is a process; and Humankind is interdependent. If you want to know more about Search for Common Ground’s approach, you can take their Guided Tour.

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Japan Society

by on June 7, 2008

Japan Society Logo

If you’re still looking for a Summer internship and happen to be fascinated by Japanese culture, we have found some perfect opportunities for you. The Japan Society is a non-profit organization that is “the premier producer of high-quality content on Japan for the United States.” Why would a non-profit produce content about another country and culture? To increase understanding and open dialogue. The Japan Society was founded in 1907 and has been promoting exchange and collaboration since then. The Japan Society’s website is gorgeous and filled with information, so we’re going to send you over there to learn more about the organization’s mission and goals.

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National Wildlife Federation Logo

The One Day, One Job/Internship team is partaking in the tradition of Spring Break (even if some of us aren’t in college anymore), so our posts are going to be on the shorter side for the next week or so. We figure, time off from school should give you plenty of time to do the research yourselves, right? Our compromise is that we’re going to give you more links, and less commentary. How’s that? I’m enjoying the wildlife of Puerto Rico, which includes ospreys, tarpon, egrets, iguanas (invasive, but still cool to look at), and a lot more, so it’s appropriate that today’s internships come from the National Wildlife Federation.

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