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Zambelli Fireworks

by on July 4, 2014

Zambelli Fireworks Logo

Some things are better left to professionals… plumbing, cutting hair, roofing, and setting off fireworks. I know that a lot of you would prefer to do the latter on your own, but professional shows are not only more spectacular, but also much safer. Zambelli Fireworks is one of the big names in professional pyrotechnics, and the experience that the New Castle, PA based company offers “can be seen in the faces of the spectators and heard in the oohs and ahs of the crowd.” There’s a chance that you’ll see their work tonight, but if you can’t, you can check out the Zambelli portfolio. The company doesn’t have a jobs page, but you can always reach out to see if there are any internship opportunities.

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by on May 26, 2014

Hirepurpose Logo

One of the things that I miss most about living in Connecticut is my town’s Memorial Day parades. While it was mostly filled with the festivity that you’d expect, it was also a reminder of what Memorial Day is really about–celebrating the lives of those who died for our country. I like that the parade also put a big emphasis on honoring the service members who made it back home as well (especially since there isn’t a Veteran’s Day parade). One of the most important things that we can do for our vets as they transition back to civilian life is to help them find jobs that allow to them to put their military training to great use. That’s exactly what Hirepurpose is aiming to do. They’re a New York, NY based company that is “committed to addressing some of the incredible gaps that exist in the transition from military service to civilian career success.” It’s a jobs site, so you should check it out and see how it works for yourself. You have to sign up to check out their positions (I do know they’ve had at least one intern in the past), but why not give it a try and see how they’re “making it easy for military veterans and their spouses to discover great careers.”

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by on May 11, 2014

GlamourGals Logo

When I was growing up, my church had a really nice way of celebrating Mother’s Day. They’d invite all of the kids up for the children’s sermon and give them each a flower. Then they’d invite all of the women in the congregation to stand up, and the kids would bring each woman a flower until all of the women sat down with their flowers. When I was little, I’d obviously go straight for my mom, but as I got older I got to appreciate giving flowers to the women (they were usually older) who didn’t have a child present. GlamourGals is a non-profit that does this kind of thing on a much bigger scale. They are based in New York, NY, and they inspire “teens to provide ongoing complimentary beauty makeovers and companionship to women living in senior homes.”

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Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture Logo

I kind of think of Easter as a spring version of Thanksgiving. Though one holiday is religious and the other isn’t, they both have similar themes and, in my family at least, similar celebrations. Thanksgiving is about celebrating the season past, while Easter is about being hopeful for the coming season. Both have significant agricultural undertones, and that’s why I think we should take a look at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture today. They are a Pocantico Hills, NY based non-profit that is not only hopeful for the coming growing season but also for the future of agriculture. That’s why they “are working to improve the way America eats and farms.”

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Johnson Smith Company

by on April 1, 2014

Johnson Smith Company Logo

When I was a kid I used to get a catalog called Things You Never Knew Existed. I’m not sure how I first ended up on the mailing list, but I would look over the catalog for hours and hours (it was the ultimate bathroom reading material). It was filled with gag gifts, pranks, collectibles, novelties, costumes, and all kind of other silly stuff. If you were preparing to play a good April Fools joke on someone, an order from Things You Never Knew Existed would be a great start. The Johnson Smith Company is based in Bradenton, FL and behind Things You Never Knew Existed as well as The Ligher Side, Betty’s Attic, Clever Gear, Full of Life, and They’ve been around for a century now, so they’ve really developed a specialty in selling random junk you don’t need.

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by on March 17, 2014

Clover Logo

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my least favorite holidays. It didn’t used to be, but after moving to Chicago and being inconvenienced by all of the idiots “celebrating,” I’ve lost my patience. However, you have to think the inconvenience is worth it for local businesses–all of the people who are partying are also spending money on drinks, food, and taxis. Maybe these merchants can make up for the headaches of serving these revelers by using Clover. They are a Mountain View, CA based company that replaces the “cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, and barcode scanner with an all-in-one solution.” They also have a name that made them exceedingly appropriate to feature today.

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Motion Math

by on March 14, 2014

Motion Math Logo

Today is Pi Day! It’s a holiday loved by math educators and pastry fanatics alike. While some may say that all of the celebration is irrational, I roundly support it. Anyway, math is on my mind today, so I thought we should take a look at Motion Math. They are a San Francisco, CA based company that creates “awesomely fun, rigorously educational learning games so that children, regardless of their previous success in school or socioeconomic background, find delight in understanding difficult concepts.”

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Peyback Foundation

by on February 2, 2014

Peyback Foundation Logo

I’m a bit upset that the Super Bowl is overshadowing Punxsutawney Phil’s big day, but that varmint says we’re having six more weeks of winter, so let’s talk about somebody who actually deserves attention: Peyton Manning. I’m pretty sure that I could be the guy in a foot race, yet he’s dominating one of the most athletic sports leagues in the world. He also gives a lot back through his non-profit, the Peyback Foundation. It’s an Indianapolis, IN based organization that aims “to promote the future success of disadvantaged youth by assisting programs that provide leadership and growth opportunities for children at risk.” The Peyback Foundation doesn’t have a Careers page, but I checked on LinkedIn, and they do have employees and interns. What’s the point? Tons of football players (here’s a list) and other pro athletes have foundations and charities. They may be long shots, but some will have career opportunities. Find the ones that interest you and reach out to see if you might be able to work with them.

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by on January 1, 2014

Fitocracy Logo

Happy 2014! While New Year’s resolutions are probably one of the worst ways to make a positive change in your life, people continue to set themselves up for failure by assuming that a change of calendar will give them all of the motivation that they need to accomplish a goal. The first few weeks are pretty easy, but how do you keep it up when the new year isn’t all that new anymore? You need other sources of motivation. If your resolutions are fitness based Fitocracy might be the answer. They’re a New York, NY based company that aims “to make fitness a more fun, more addictive experience.” They do this with the power of social networks and gamification.

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Vermont Sleigh Company

by on December 25, 2013

Vermont Sleigh Company Logo

I heard on tv that the formal definition of a “White Christmas” is having at least one inch of snow fall on Christmas. Others say a single flake can make a White Christmas. While I’m not sure that we got an inch, I’m definitely calling it a White Christmas here in Connecticut. Last night we got just enough to cover everything, though it may not be enough for a sleigh ride. It probably takes a little more snow to be able to use the products from Vermont Sleigh Company–though I think their finely crafted products are mostly for show. The Mendon, VT based company aims “to bring exceptional skill and tradition – qualities of a bygone age – to contemporary country home décor.” In reality the Vermont Sleigh Company probably doesn’t offer many internship opportunities (if any), but use this White Christmas to inspire other internship ideas while I open my presents. Merry Christmas!

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Easton-Bell Sports

by on November 29, 2013

Easton-Bell Sports Logo

I’m not sure how we ended up here, but Black Friday shopping seems to be the latest extreme sports craze. I’ll spend a little time looking for deals online, but you won’t find me within a few miles of any major retail store. If I somehow got duped into going shopping, I’d totally wear a helmet. It’s better safe than sorry. Easton-Bell Sports, which is based in Van Nuys, CA, is one of the biggest sports helmet companies in the world. Their brands include Giro, Bell, Riddell, Easton, Easton Cycling, and Blackburn. They all come together to help Easton-Bell Sports pursue their goal of being “a leading designer, developer and marketer of sports equipment and accessories that enhance athletic performance and protection.”

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Hillshire Brands

by on November 28, 2013

Hillshire Brands Logo

I barely eat turkey during most of the year, but I take the protein very seriously on Thanksgiving. If you cook it right, it’s pretty awesome. But if you aren’t careful, you end up with a dry, flavorless waste of a bird’s life. This year I’m experimenting with a turchetta, but I have no idea how it’s going to turn out. If you prefer to play it safer with your meat products, you may want to check out Hillshire Brands. They are the Chicago, IL based company behind brands like Hillshire Farm, Ball Park, Jimmy Dean, Sara Lee, and quite a few others. They’re also one of the top turkey producers in the U.S. (which is the top turkey producing country) according to this list.

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by on November 11, 2013 Logo

Happy Veterans Day. Thank you to all of our readers who have served in our armed forces. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it seems that the holiday is getting way more attention this year than in past years. I’ve seen way more tv commercials mentioning Veterans Day, and it seems that a ton of retailers are offering special deals. There are free haircuts, free car washes, and all kinds of free meals available today for those who have served. The only awkward part about all of this is verifying one’s veteran status. Nobody wants to have to ask, but how else do you stop freeloaders from taking advantage of deals just for vets? Military IDs are only for active service members, and any other form of proof might be a bit cumbersome. is a Washington, DC based company that is trying to make the process of ID verification seamless. They started out as Troop ID (and before that they were TroopSwap, a daily deals site for military) and only focused on verifying veteran/military status, but they realized that verifying any kind of group association would give them access to a much bigger market.

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Dylan’s Candy Bar

by on October 31, 2013

Dylan's Candy Bar

When I was a kid trick-or-treating was a failure if I didn’t reach double digits. I’m not talking about pieces of candy. I’m talking pounds. I laughed at the kids with the jack-o-lantern candy basket. Amateurs. Any real kid would use a backpack, an oversized pillowcase, or–better yet–both. There’s nothing better than getting home, pouring all your candy on the floor, and looking at the majesty of it all. It’s hard to recreate that feeling as an adult, but I kind of get it when I walk into Dylan’s Candy Bar. They are a New York, NY based retailer (with stores in Miami Beach and LA as well) that has merged “the worlds of art, fashion and pop culture with candy” to build “the world’s largest confectionary emporium and lifestyle brand.” Oddly enough, they don’t seem to dedicate much attention to Halloween, but I guess you don’t have to when your brand is all candy all the time.

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Rand McNally

by on October 14, 2013

Rand McNally Logo

When I was in elementary school, Christopher Columbus was a hero. Today people don’t even complain about going to work on a holiday named after him. That tells you just how ugly the true story is. Still, you have to give Columbus credit for sailing across the Atlantic with no idea where he was going (and making it back, and then doing it again three more times). Today we have technology that enables us to always know where we are. Rand McNally is a Skokie, IL based company that played a big part in getting us to this point. They were founded in 1856, and since then they’ve been specializing “in maps, navigation, road travel, and trip planning.”

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Birthday Wishes

by on October 6, 2013

Birthday Wishes Logo

Today is my birthday. My wife has an exciting day planned for me, and that obviously makes me feel very special. Everybody should feel special on their birthdays–especially children. Unfortunately, children who are living in homeless shelters often have their birthdays forgotten. Birthday Wishes is a Newton Centre, MA based non-profit that believes “that all children, regardless of their living situation, should celebrate their birthdays joyfully, surrounded by family, friends, and others who care.” The organization was founded in 2002, and is getting close to celebrating 20,000 birthdays a year. That’s truly amazing. I’m off to celebrate my own special day, so I’ll send you to Birthday Wishes’ Idealist page. They don’t have any internships posted right now, but I know that they’ve had interns in the past. They’re also always looking for volunteers.

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by on September 2, 2013

Resistol Logo

We all know that you can’t wear white after Labor Day. It’s a rule. However, unless you’re a cowboy (or you read our profile on Stetson from 5 years ago), you probably didn’t know that there’s a similar rule about cowboy hats. Today’s the last day to wear a straw hat. Tomorrow you must break out the felt hat. And if you own a cowboy hat, there’s a really good chance it was made by Resistol. They are a Garland, TX based company that sells about a million hats a year, which apparently makes them the largest headwear manufacturer in the world. They don’t have a Jobs page, but they have to have a lot of employees to produce that many hats. I did find some evidence of internships and other jobs, so use Resistol’s Contact page to investigate further.

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by on July 4, 2013

Annin Flagmakers

I love the Fourth of July. How can you not get excited about a holiday filled with patriotism, fireworks, hot weather, and barbecues? It also happens to be my mom’s birthday. In previous years I’ve take the Fourth to look at Big Fireworks, Nathan’s Famous, Daughters of the American Revolution, the National Safety Council, and Phantom Fireworks. Today we’re going to go with the patriotism theme and take a look at Annin Flagmakers. They are based in Roseland, NJ and were founded in 1847. That makes them America’s oldest and largest flag manufacturer. They make pretty much any kind of flag that you could imagine, as you can see here. Annin doesn’t have an Internship page, but they are a pretty sizable company. Put your patriotic spirit to use and reach out to them if you think that an internship centered around flags is for you.

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Chicago Botanic Garden Logo

I’ve made it a point to never repeat a company or organization on One Day One Internship. A few times I’ve caught myself writing about companies that sound familiar and then realized that they’ve changed names. I even once published a duplicate post, but quickly put up a new one. But I’ve never intentionally featured an organization twice until today. Back in 2008, I wrote about the Chicago Botanic Garden. I had never even visited at the time, but today I’m getting married there! How could they not be featured today?

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by on May 27, 2013

Duraflame Logo

Memorial Day is first and foremost about remembering those who served (which is why we’ve look at organizations like Hope for the Warriors and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America in past years), but we all know that it’s also the official start of Summer and grilling season. Unfortunately, this year the weather has made sitting by the fireplace feel like a more appropriate activity than a barbecue. Either way Duraflame has you covered. They are a Stockton, CA based company that offers “a wide variety of fire-related products, including fire logs, fire starters and barbecue products.” If you need to start a fire, one of their products will help you avoid the frustration of never having been a boy/girl scout.

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National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m lucky enough to get to spend today with my mom. She’s in town for some wedding planning stuff, so we’re enjoying our first Mother’s Day together in years. While I have great memories of all of the amazing things my mom has done for me, some of the most important things that she did happened before I can remember. Good mothering is most essential in the first few years of life, and that’s why the National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition was started as a response to the US Surgeon General’s conference on infant mortality. They’re an Alexandria, VA based non-profit that “is a recognized leader and resource in maternal and child health, reaching an estimated 10 million health care professionals, parents, and policymakers through its membership of over 100 local, state and national organizations.”

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Kramerica Industries

by on April 1, 2013

Kramerica Industries Logo

Last year I wrote a post on The Human Fund. It was one of our most popular posts ever, and I’ve been looking for similar organizations with job opportunities ever since. This morning I realized that The Human Fund actually has a for-profit wholly owned subsidiary that is worth taking a look at. The company is called Kramerica Industries, and it’s a New York, NY based energy, fashion, food, tourism, and housing conglomerate. All of its future profits will be funneled towards The Human Fund’s mission of “money for the people.” Kramerica Industries has not yet reached profitability, but that’s not unusual for a business that is centered around R&D intensive projects.

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Bunny World Foundation

by on March 31, 2013

Bunny World Foundation Logo

I’ve written a lot of Easter posts. On the candy front we’ve covered Just Born Quality Confections, Jelly Belly, Russell Stover, UNREAL Brands, and the PMCA. And we’ve also looked at Easter Seals (that one’s obvious), The Easter Bunny Foundation, Hatchlings, the ASPCA, and Rabbit Rescue (and I probably should have saved Red Rabbit for Easter too). Today I’m continuing with the rabbit theme and looking at Bunny World Foundation. They’re a Los Angeles, CA based non-profit that is “dedicated to combatting animal cruelty, illegal animal sales, exploitation and neglect of all animals, through rescue efforts, public education, research, investigations, legislation, special events, and media attention.” Obviously, their focus is on saving bunnies (their Team page shows each team member with her favorite rabbit).

I have an Easter Egg Hunt to get to, so I’ll let you do the rest of the research on your own. They don’t have a Jobs page, but I did see something about an internship from a few years back. Even if Bunny World Foundation doesn’t have any career opportunities right now, you can still use Easter as inspiration to explore new job search ideas.

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by on March 29, 2013

UNREAL Brands Logo

I love candy, which is why I’ve already profiled companies like Just Born Quality Confections, Jelly Belly, Russell Stover, and the PMCA at Easter time and Mars, The Hershey Company, NECCO, Charles Chocolates, and Vosges at other times of the year. This year my Mom asked me what kind of candy I wanted, and I told her that she should take it easy since I’m trying to drop a few pounds before my wedding. Maybe I should have asked her to just get candy from UNREAL Brands. They’re a Boston, MA based upstart that is aiming to get candy “unjunked.” What does that mean? They want to take all of the crap out of candy (corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, artificial ingredients, GMOs, and preservatives), but still make it taste good.

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Irish Arts Center

by on March 17, 2013

Irish Arts Center Logo

St. Patrick’s Day weekend is probably the worst weekend to live in downtown Chicago. There are drunk people everywhere, and most of them are being completely inconsiderate of everyone else around them. It’s a bummer that this kind of activity gets associated with Irish culture. That’s why we should spend today looking at what Irish culture is really about and taking a look at the Irish Arts Center, a New York, NY based non-profit that is “dedicated to projecting a dynamic image of Ireland and Irish America for the 21st century, building community with artists and audiences of all backgrounds, forging and strengthening cross-cultural partnerships, and preserving the evolving stories and traditions of Irish culture for generations to come.”

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by on March 14, 2013

Desmos Logo

I made it from seventh grade through college with a single TI-83, who wants to touch me? Maybe it’s because I went to a private school where people were careless with $80 devices (they’re about $95 on Amazon now), but I swear everybody I knew either lost, broke, or had theirs stolen at least twice. While the need for students to have a graphing calculator hasn’t changed, the need for a standalone device has. That’s why we’re going to celebrate Pi Day by looking at Desmos (on past Pi Days we’ve looked at Pi Media, The Mathematical Association of America, and Orbotix–one of my favorites). They’re a San Francisco, CA based startup that offers a free online graphing calculator for students, teachers, and anyone interested in math.

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by on February 18, 2013

TrueCar Logo

If there’s a holiday without an identity, it has to be President’s Day. A lot of people don’t even get the day off any more, and the only other thing to get excited about is getting a deal on a car or mattress. If you know how to shop, you usually don’t have to wait for these “once a year” sales. In fact, buying a car is becoming a lot more straightforward because of companies like TrueCar. They’re based in Santa Monica, CA, and they offer a “hassle-free car-buying experience from a nationwide network of certified dealers.” By putting data to work for car buyers, they’ve information asymmetry that dealers have used to their advantage for so long. In fact, TrueCar’s data and network are so good that they’re able to guarantee savings.

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by on February 14, 2013

Grouper Logo

Job searching and looking for love can be similarly painful. There’s the fear of rejection, the lack of useful feedback, and the constant pressure to make something happen from family and friends. While there’s no holiday that makes being unemployed feel like being alone on Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of day to day reminders that you need to get a job (hopefully these e-mails are a positive reminder). I think that one of the reasons that people struggle to find both love and jobs is that they try to do it alone. What if you had a few friends to help you along the way? That’s what Grouper is proposing. They’re a New York, NY based dating startup/social club “that sets up drinks between 2 groups of friends.” They don’t even use the word “dating” on their homepage, and I think that’s a brilliant branding decision–it’s all about meeting new people. I’m especially fond of Grouper because they’re running with the fish theme.

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