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Earth Island Institute

by on January 26, 2013

Earth Island Institute Logo

Yesterday I heard that Y Combinator is funding its first non-profit. It’s pretty cool to see a for-profit incubator dipping its toes into the non-profit world, but there have been non-profit incubators around for a long time. One of them is Earth Island Institute. They’re a Berkeley, CA based organization that acts as a “hub for grassroots campaigns dedicated to conserving, preserving, and restoring the ecosystems on which our civilization depends.” So far they have incubated over 100 startup environmental projects and helped them get off the ground by providing administrative and financial resources that are essential for early stage non-profits.

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Cogo Labs

by on May 25, 2012

Cogo Labs Logo

The last time that I was involved with an incubator was in 5th grade when my class was hatching chicks. Between then and when I graduated college, the word incubator was irrelevant to me. Now it’s coming up all the time. I’ve been involved with and interested in startups for the past five or so years, and in that time I’ve seen the idea of the incubator blow up. Incubators typically provide capital, guidance, office space, and much more to help startups get off the ground. Cogo Labs (formerly Adverplex) is a Cambridge, MA based incubator that focuses on growing Boston based web companies. They offer a unique value to their portfolio companies in that they have an in house “platform of proprietary technologies for algorithmic marketing, data mining, and quantitative business analytics.”

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Sandbox Industries

by on February 16, 2011

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Sandbox Industries Logo

Since I moved to Chicago in October of 2008, I’ve been getting more and more involved with the local startup scene. I’ve met a lot of cool people ranging from founders of some of the city’s most successful startups to the awesome people at Jelly Chicago (it’s a co-working group, and you should join us). One of the better events that I’ve been to was midVentures Launch. I even got to introduce myself to the guy who makes me feel bad every time I go to the gym because he a) always seems to be there no matter when I go b) is always doing ridiculously difficult workouts. That may seem completely irrelevant, but it turns out that he’s a Project Manager at Sandbox Industries, which is a Chicago, IL based venture capital firm. They have three distinct areas of focus: their incubator, the Sandbox Venture Fund, and the BlueCross BlueShield Venture Fund. As I was doing my daily browsing for interesting opportunities, I came across some postings from Sandbox Industries, so I figured that it was time to take a closer look at them.

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by on November 16, 2010

Idealab Lgoo

Usually, when you start a company, you do it with a specific purpose in mind. Maybe you want to create and sell a line of products or offer a suite of services. When Bill Gross started Idealab in 1996, his approach was a little different. For him and his Pasadena, CA based company, products are actually new companies. In just under 15 years, Idealab “has created and operated more than 75 companies with 30 IPOs and acquisitions.” I’m sure you’ll recognize many of the names—there was eToys in 1997 and Picasa in 2002. They also had NetZero, PetSmart,, Citysearch, Commission Junction, and lots more. You may not be familiar with many of Idealab’s current companies, but you will be if their track record is any indication. Idealab continues to generate and test ideas, and the best ones get more attention and are eventually turned into companies.

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