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Saint Louis Zoo

by on March 19, 2011

Saint Louis Zoo Logo

I’m in St. Louis for the weekend, mostly to watch my girlfriend’s little sister’s volleyball tournament, but I’m looking for other cool things to do since it’s my first time here. Yesterday I got to visit the Saint Louis Zoo, which is fantastic. (And I promise I didn’t act like this kid.) I got to see monkeys, giraffes, zebras, lions, penguins, gorillas, elephants, somali wild asses, and a whole range of other animals that I’d never even heard of before. I even got to see the mountain nyala that makes an appearance in the zoo’s logo. I was really impressed with the Saint Louis Zoo—it has a wonderful layout and an amazing collection of animals. The best part, though, was that we got to see feeding time for the grizzly bears. It may sound barbaric, but it was nothing of the sort. We watched as two of the laziest bears that I’ve ever seen would catch oranges in their mouths and then suck out the meat while leaving behind the rind. What made the experience even better was that it was free. Saint Louis Zoo is a “free zoo,” so all you have to pay for is parking.

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Maria Mitchell Association

by on February 23, 2008

Maria Mitchell Association LogoThis one’s for those of you who took some time to pause and take in the eclipse on Wednesday night. Before we tell you about the Maria Mitchell Association, we must first introduce you to Maria Mitchell.

One crisp, clear night in October of 1847, a woman stood alone on a rooftop with a telescope at her side. While family and friends gathered in the light of the rooms below, Maria Mitchell gazed up into the stars. That night, Mitchell discovered a telescopic comet, invisible to the naked eye. This event propelled her to fame and changed the face of science and education throughout the world.

Maria Mitchell discovered a comet. Maria Mitchell was the first professional woman astronomer in the United States. Maria Mitchell has a crater on the moon named for her. Maria Mitchell was the first woman member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Maria Mitchell doesn’t sleep, she waits – oh, no, that’s Chuck Norris. Sorry, you get the picture. If you want more Maria Mitchell Facts, you can take a look at the Maria Mitchell Wikipedia entry. You can also read this book about her from Google books.

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