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by on July 1, 2013

Riskive Logo

If you haven’t had one of your social media accounts hacked, you certainly know someone who has. It’s pretty obvious that the social-ification of the web has made the Internet a much more dangerous place. Not only can malware spread more quickly and efficiently, but hackers have access to far more personal data–and that allows them to abuse the trust that you have in your online social connections. While this is kind of scary on an individual level, it’s much more frightening for large companies and organizations. Riskive is a Baltimore, MD based company that sees what’s happening. That’s why they’ve built an “enterprise grade security technology dedicated to identifying, monitoring and preventing risk across the socially connected enterprise.”

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by on June 8, 2011

AlphaMetrix Logo

Sometimes you have to feel bad for ridiculously rich people. They’re investing millions of dollars with hedge funds, and they don’t have access to the kind of tools that I have access to in my Scottrade account. Ok, you don’t have to feel bad for them, but you have to agree that it’s weird that individuals who have the most invested have the least transparency into what they’ve invested in and how its doing on a day to day basis. AlphaMetrix is a Chicago, IL based company that aims to solve this problem by “connecting highly qualified investors with fund managers.” They do this through a software platform that enables investors to look at detailed information on a hedge fund’s holdings. This allows investors to make more informed decisions, and it allows hedge fund managers to better communicate what they’re doing with the money that they manage to investors.

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Digital Sandbox

by on May 18, 2011

Digital Sandbox Logo

If you watch the news, it’s easy to believe that we’re all constantly at great risk of dying in some sort of disaster. Yes, there are a lot of threats out there, but most of us shouldn’t waste a lot of time worrying about them. There are, however, some people whose job it is to worry about and prepare for the worst. Public Safety Risk Management is a seemingly impossible task, but someone has to do it. Our local, state, and federal governments need to be prepared to deal with all kinds of things–some you could never even dream of if you spent your whole life trying. Digital Sandbox is a McLean, VA based company that helps these professionals by providing “them with the tools they need to mitigate the catastrophic and disruptive threats that can impact them.” Most of these tools are in the form of software, and they are based on strategies and “analytical frameworks essential to effective management, analysis, and assessment of terrorism, natural hazard, and technological accident risk.”

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by on October 20, 2010

Did you know that you can get Amazon Prime for free if you’re a college student? That means unlimited, free two-day shipping on everything you buy.

MCG Logo

For the past couple of months we’ve been including more numbers than usual in our daily posts—things like three-year growth rates and annual revenues. Since we’ve been looking mostly at companies on the Inc. 500, we figure that it’s useful information. If simple numbers like those intimidate you, then today’s company is definitely not for you. However, if your response to our daily posts is to seek out more numbers and dig into annual reports and other similar documents, then you’re in luck. MCG is a Providence, RI based company that does mathematical, statistical, and strategic consulting. Their motto is “Nothing is too complex.” The first person listed on their Management Team page is their Chief Analytics Officer, so that should tell you a lot about MCG’s focus. And I almost forgot—MCG has grown at an 834.4% rate over the past three years to $2.2 million in revenue (they were only founded in 2006).

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Russell Investments

by on May 22, 2008

Russell Investments Logo

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our daily internship posts, you know that we’re starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. We’re not saying that the Summer opportunities that are available in late (yes, the 22nd is late) May are necessarily of lower quality, but it’s like a Black Friday Sale – the good stuff usually goes fast (and the best internship programs usually do their hiring months in advance). Well we were shocked to come across a company called Russell Investments that is one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2008 and is still hiring Summer interns. We actually found out about these internships from the Twitter profile of Amod Damle Russell’s Manager of College Recruiting.

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