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Coldwater Creek

by on May 9, 2013

Coldwater Creek Logo

Right after I graduated college, I started investing in the stock market. I’ve more than doubled my money since then, which means that I made some pretty good decisions. One stock that I was considering at the time was CWTR. It was around $45 back then, and I thought that I had a few good reasons to believe that the stock would go up from there. Luckily, I didn’t buy. The stock is now at less than $4 per share–and that’s after a 4 for 1 reverse stock split. I’m glad that I avoided that -98% return on investment. While Coldwater Creek, which is based in Sandpoint, ID (with a design center New York, NY), has certainly struggled over the past 6 years, that doesn’t mean that you should overlook the potential opportunity. The multi-channel “specialty retailer of women’s apparel, jewelry and accessories” started as a one-room mail order business. They obviously had an amazing growth period that took them to going public, and now it’s time for them to get back on track.

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Charming Charlie

by on April 26, 2013

Charming Charlie Logo

As commerce continues to move online, selling things in a retail setting is becoming more and more about offering an experience. Apple is the ultimate example of this–whenever you walk into one of their stores you’re instantly surrounded by excitement. That’s exactly what Charming Charlie is going for. They’re a Houston, TX based “fashion accessories retailer” with more than 200 stores across the country. Their “in-store experience features a breath-taking volume and variety of accessories, ingeniously arranged by color, making that perfect accent fun and easy to find.” It’s something that they’ve been working on since 2004, and they seem to be getting it right.

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by on February 11, 2013

BaubleBar Logo

As I see it, there are two kinds of jewelry. The expensive kind that a guy might buy for a girl (reminder: Valentine’s Day is in three days), and the kind a girl might buy for herself. I realize that is an arbitrary distinction that doesn’t cover a lot of jewelry buying activity, but it’s a quick mental model that works for me. (I believe the more formal distinction is fine jewelry vs. fashion jewelry.) BaubleBar sells jewelry that falls into the latter category. They’re a New York, NY based company that was started by two friends who realized that “fashion jewelry was the one accessory that had yet to capture meaningful space in [their] closets.” They identified a number of things that were wrong with the market, and decided to build a business where women can “buy high quality pieces without a high price tag.”

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by on January 23, 2013

Watchfire Logo

I’m often asked how I’m able to consistently find interesting companies to cover. It’s all about what I call the always looking approach. If you open your eyes, you start to realize that your life is full of cues that can lead you to interesting employers. One of my favorite exercises is to walk around downtown Chicago and look at all of the billboards and signs. There’s always something new and interesting. But what about the company that makes the the signs? That’s Watchfire. They’re a Danville, IL based company that got its start as ” Time-O-Matic, an industry leader in innovations like the Time and Temperature signs that became landmarks at banks and downtown corner stores across the nation.” Now they’re in the business of LED signs of all shapes and sizes. A lot of people think that they’re not affected by outdoor advertising. I can almost guarantee that’s not true. One of Watchfire’s big products is the Price Watcher sign for gas stations. You can’t tell me that you don’t pick a gas station based on the prices shown on those signs!

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GTM Sportswear

by on August 7, 2012

GTM Sportswear Logo

There’s no time that sports apparel gets more attention than during the Olympics. There are the crazy “barracuda skin” racing suits for the swimmers, the bejeweled leotards for the gymnasts, and the ever controversial bikinis (or pants and long sleeved shirts if it’s under 60 degrees) for the women’s beach volleyball players. One might think that every uniform is chosen to maximize physical performance, but there’s research to show that what you wear/how you look affects your mental performance (See: Red is a winning color – GO BIG RED!). While they might not be outfitting our Olympians, GTM Sportswear is a Manhattan, KS based company that helps athletes perform better by looking better. They specialize “in providing custom-embellished uniforms, warm-ups, and practice apparel for college, school, and club sports teams nationwide.”

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Amy’s Kitchen

by on April 19, 2012

Amy's Kitchen Logo

I don’t think that I’ve had a frozen dinner since I forced my mom to buy me Kid Cuisine in the early 90s. If I’m going to eat something unhealthy, it should at least taste good, right? Clearly I’m biased against frozen meals (maybe because I consider myself a pretty good cook), but I shouldn’t write them all off as unhealthy and unpalatable. That’s especially true because one the nation’s leading frozen food brands is all vegetarian and mostly organic. Amy’s Kitchen was founded in 1987 by a couple looking for a way to provide for a new baby. They started in their home with a vegetable pot pie, and since then the Petaluma, CA based business has grown to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

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by on September 30, 2011


It’s moving day for me. I’m staying in the same neighborhood, but I still had to pack up my entire apartment and load it into a moving truck. It was kind of a pain, but hiring good movers is one of the best investments you can make. If only I had a travel vest from SCOTTEVEST–I could have stuffed everything in there, walked down the street, and done it all myself. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you really can fit a ton of stuff in SCOTTEVEST products. The company is based in Ketchum, ID and was started by Scott Jordan to create gadget-holding alternatives for man-purses–or even worse, fanny packs. It all started with vests, but now SCOTTEVEST offers a wide line of clothing that makes traveling with lots of stuff easy.

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Kate Spade

by on December 21, 2009

Kate Spade Logo

I can’t remember whether it was late in my middle school years or early in my high school years, but there were certainly a couple of years in the late 90s when Kate Spade was as hot as could be. Whether it was a wallet, calendar, or other accessories from the New York based fashion designer, the girls in my classes went crazy for them. At that point in my life, I wasn’t the most fashion conscious kid, so I probably thought Five Star binders were still cool. Despite my ignorance of fashion back then, even I knew what Kate Spade was. Since Kate Brosnahan started her line in 1993, her company has grown exceptionally. Hallmarked by “utility, wit and playful sophistication,” Kate Spade’s offering includes handbags, shoes, accesories, clothing, jewelry, baby items, fragrance, glasses, and even paper. The company now runs 46 retail shops and continues to be a huge name in the fashion industry.

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Columbia Sportswear Logo

I’ve been through a lot with my Columbia jacket. I first bought it for a high school “team building” trip that included a hike up a mountain in November. I was on the hefty side back then, so the hike was quite a trying task. By the time I reached the summit, I was a bit overheated to say the least. The jacket came off, and I enjoyed the much easier hike on the way down not realizing that my brand new jacket was still at the top of the mountain. I thought my Mom was going to kill me, because going back up to get it was not an option. Luckily a guide from another group grabbed the jacket and brought it down for me. That was almost 10 years ago (which is really scary, by the way I feel old and I’m only 23). Since then I’ve used the jacket to slide down snowy hills on my stomach on the way back from class and sneak fish into the Cornell-Harvard hockey game. The jacket is still in great shape, and goes to show that Columbia Sportswear Company makes one hell of a product.

One Tough Mother

Besides the fact that I like Columbia for their great jackets, Performance Fishing Gear, and Reel Stories videos, I also like them for their Chairman of the Board, Gertrude Boyle. She is the star of many of Columbia’s television ads, where she is best known as “one tough mother.” Columbia is run by the family that started it, but they are now publicly traded, which means that the investor relations section of their website offers a plethora of material to research. It’s pretty amazing that the whole company was started by a couple who fled Germany for Portland, Oregon and bought a hat distributorship.

Will You Be One Tough Intern?

Although Columbia makes great sportswear, they don’t know how to put together a decent Careers site. Or maybe we should say that Taleo, their Applicant Tracking System provider, doesn’t know how to put together a decent Careers site. Either way, all Columbia has is a job search function and a list of benefits. The most frustrating thing is that their job search function only turns up one of their internships, when we’ve found 4 by digging a little deeper.

You knew there was a reason that you subscribed. It’s probably because we find the internships that you would never find. A search for “internships” on Columbia’s Careers site turns up one listing (while a search for “intern” turns up none). The easy to find internship is in Apparel Sourcing. The saving grace is that Columbia has an RSS feed for job search results, so if you search all jobs and then click the RSS feed, you can find a couple more internship listings. We found two internships (here and here) in Industrial Engineering at their Distribution Center. The last internship that we found is not listed on their website, but was posted yesterday on a closed job board that we have access to. It is in Promotions, and is perfect for someone with an interest in Marketing or Public Relations, as long as it’s still available (if you’d like more details about this internship, leave a comment with your real e-mail address in the e-mail box – nobody can see it but us). We also found a now defunct listing from 4 days ago about a Footwear Internship, but we couldn’t find any more details about it. All of Columbia’s internships are located in Portland, OR.

Despite Columbia’s lackluster career site and relatively boring descriptions on their internship postings, we still think they’re a pretty cool company. They’re worth a look, especially now that it’s May.

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