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by on June 18, 2014

Fever Logo

Events are inherently social. A lot of time who is going to be there matters more than what is going on. Yet all of our major social networks are about showing off what we’ve already done. If we’re going to broadcast our lives, it might make sense to let other people in on the fun. Fever is a New York, NY and Madrid, Spain based startup social network that is “changing the way people make plans.” Their idea is to take event discovery away from the calendar and make it all about the people.

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Smart Design

by on March 7, 2013

Smart Design Logo

Most college kitchens are filled with decades old hand-me-down tools (at least mine was). They’re not the best, but they get the job done. That used to be the way that all kitchen tools were. OXO changed that in 1989 with the launch of their Good Grips brand. Their focus on design helped take kitchen tools from a commodity to a product where brand matters and grow from startup to acquisition. A lot of the credit for the success has to be attributed to Oxo’s working with Smart Design, “an award-winning design and innovation consulting firm with offices in New York, San Francisco and Barcelona.” Smart Design has been around since 1980, and in that time they’ve worked “with companies of all sizes and across diverse industries to create human-centered design solutions that delight customers and help companies achieve their business goals.”

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by on August 11, 2011

Prophet Logo

One of my favorite sources for company ideas is e-mailing people who unsubscribe from this mailing list saying they found an internship. I figure if somebody is hiring them, then there’s a good chance that that same somebody might hire other readers. A while back a reader told me that he landed one of a few coveted internships at Prophet. I’d never heard of Prophet before, but when I checked them out I saw that they’re “a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with offices around the globe.” Apparently, they’re headquartered in San Francisco, CA, but also have locations in Chicago, IL; New York, NY; and Richmond, VA along with a number of international offices. What I find interesting about Prophet is that they seem to lean more towards a management consulting model in how they do business, even though their focus is on areas including Brand, Marketing, Innovation, Design, and Insights & Analytics.

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by on November 3, 2008


It’s been almost 9 months since we officially launched, and in that time we’ve featured quite a few internships in public relations. Many have been in-house with major brands, while others have been on the consulting/agency side. When you’re looking at in-house internships, it’s easy to find the point of differentiation – it’s all in the product or service that you’re trying to get press for; however, it’s not so easy to differentiate between internships at different PR agencies. It usually takes a little work – you need to look at client lists, case studies, and awards to get a sense of how one agency is different from another. With LEWIS PR, the point of differentiation is clear – everything about what they do is international. They have locations in Australia, Benelux, Czech Republic, France, Germany, China, India, Italy, Japan, Nordics, Poland, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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