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by on July 22, 2008

uShip Logo

Say that you need to ship something – a mini donkey for instance (this is a real example). UPS, the USPS, DHL, and Fedex don’t ship donkeys. With uShip all you need to do is list that you need to ship a mini donkey, receive bids, select a winning bid, and ship that donkey where it needs to go. You don’t need to worry about your prized donkey, because you can check the shipper’s feedback and see that he has shipped all kind of livestock to all kinds of places, and every time his customers have been happy. It’s pretty simple, huh? A lot easier than bringing the donkey into your local post office only to find out that even mini donkeys are too big to ship. uShip calls themselves “the online shipping marketplace” and they back it up with their raving fans.

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Houston Astros

by on June 27, 2008

Houston Astros Logo

Great timing for this one. The Houston Astros are 37-42 and just released a player for choking their General Manager. Still, they are a Major League Baseball team, and they have a ton of Fall internships available. Despite the rough times that the team is going through, we doubt that they’ll have any effect on the quality of the internships experience. There are few internships more desirable than those with professional sports teams.

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