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by on July 18, 2014

Backcountry Logo

Few things make me happier than spending time outdoors. Fly fishing is my main sport, but I can enjoy almost any activity that doesn’t put me at too much risk of injuring myself so that I can’t fish. One of the fun things about being an outdoor enthusiast is collecting gear. Even when you’re stuck in the city, you can buy new stuff, clean it, repair it, and get it ready for your next big trip. If you’re thinking about buying new gear, you need to check out Backcountry. They are a Park City, UT based company that gets “get people who get outside—plain and simple.” They’re all “about gear, grit, and connecting people to their passions.”

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Sundance Institute

by on April 5, 2014

Sundance Institue Logo

I am anything but a film buff. I typically watch the same bad movies over and over again while I’m doing something else. It takes a lot for me to sit down and watch something with 100% focus. That means that I don’t pay much attention to the Sundance Film Festival, but I’ve heard of it and know it’s a big deal. The organization behind the festival is Sundance Institue. They’re a Park City, UT based (with offices in LA and NYC) non-profit “dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences in film and theatre.” The Institute was founded by Robert Redford in 1981 and since then has “provided a space for independent artists to explore their stories free from commercial and political pressures.”

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Black Diamond Equipment

by on October 24, 2013

InvestmentNews is our sponsor this week, and they would like to tell you about their NextGen Virtual Career Fair on November 8th. It’s an awesome opportunity for students and interns to network and find finance jobs on the spot.

Black Diamond Equipment Logo

I haven’t seen snow yet, but I did experience some sort of frozen precipitation while I was in Michigan over the weekend. It’s hard enough to accept that summer is over and that the shorts need to be put away, but it’s really difficult to come to terms with the fact that winter is coming (especially when you live in Chicago). It’s even worse because almost everything that I love to do is better with good weather (fishing, playing beach volleyball, grilling, walking the dog). Yet for some people it’s almost the opposite. These are the type of people who buy gear from Black Diamond Equipment, a Salt Lake City, UT based company that is “all about climbing and skiing.” In fact, Black Diamond Equipment makes it possible for people to enjoy weather that might otherwise keep you stuck indoors with a bad case of the shack nasties.

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by on February 26, 2013

Degreed Logo

It’s amazing how much weight a college degree holds in the job market considering that most employers have no idea what classes you took, what you learned, or how you did (unless you include your GPA). With that said, we all know that a college degree isn’t enough to land a job these days–employers want education and experience that is directly applicable to their jobs. College is only a small slice of the education that you’ll need to succeed, but it’s so nicely packaged. As we start to see education as more of a lifelong experience, we’re going to need better credentials. That’s what Degreed offers. They’re a San Francisco, CA and Salt Lake City, UT based startup that “jailbreaks degrees” by offering “a free service that scores and validates your lifelong education from both accredited (i.e. Harvard) and non-accredited (i.e. iTunesU,, Khan Academy, etc.) sources.”

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Emergency Essentials

by on October 29, 2012

Emergency Essentials Logo

The majority of my Facebook friends are on the East coast, so I’m feeling a little left out right now. Everyone seems to be having fun preparing for Hurricane Sandy, even though the storm will likely cause billions in damage and cost some people their lives. Hurricanes and blizzards tend to generally more enjoyable than things like earthquakes, tornadoes, and riots. It all has to do with predictability and control. When you know a storm is coming a few days ahead of time, it’s pretty easy to prepare. But in reality we should all be prepared for emergency situations whether they’re expected or not. There may be a time when running to the store won’t be an option, and that’s why Emergency Essentials exists. They’re an Orem, UT based company that has been “helping people prepare for emergencies” for the last 25 years through their catalog, website, and retail stores. (I was tempted to write about weather related careers today, but we’ve already done a bunch of those.)

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American Conservation Experience Logo

I was lucky enough to spend a week in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks this summer. Our national park system is truly one of our country’s treasures–it’s one thing that the federal government actually seems to do really well. However, our national parks also benefit significantly from the help of volunteers. One organization that has done a lot of great work is American Conservation Experience. They’re based in Flagstaff, AZ, and they offer “opportunities for both American and International volunteers to take part in challenging outdoor projects in many of the most beautiful National Parks, National Forests and wilderness areas in the Western United States.”

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by on September 2, 2012

Playworks Logo

I don’t know why adults even bother asking kids what their favorite class is. They’re obviously going to either say recess or make something up because they know that they’re not supposed to say recess. As a kid I felt bad for liking recess more than the rest of the school day, but now I realize that recess is totally underrated. It’s a time for social interaction, safe risk taking (or are monkey bars banned now?), decision making, and more. It’s also a fantastic way to get kids to burn off energy so that they can be more focused in the classroom. Playworks is an Oakland, CA based non-profit (but they work in cities across the country) that aims to “improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play.” In other words, they’re all about recess.

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Rocket Lawyer

by on August 29, 2012

Rocket Lawyer Logo

I spend a lot of time meeting and talking with budding entrepreneurs. One thing that I’ve noticed is that people who are starting their first businesses often get too caught up in the administrative details. They want to incorporate, set up contracts, design a logo, get business cards, etc. It’s not that these things aren’t important–it’s just that there are far more important things (like validating your business idea or doing customer research). Still, there’s some legal stuff that absolutely needs to be done. Hiring a lawyer is too expensive, and using a boilerplate won’t quite do the job. What do you do? Go to Rocket Lawyer. They’re a San Francisco, CA based company that is “making legal work easier and more convenient for everyone.” Their online model has helped them reach #72 on the Inc. 500 with 3,672% three-year growth to $14.2 million in revenue. Rocket Lawyer uses automated technology to create custom legal documents for business and personal use. But they don’t just leave you there. Rocket Lawyer members (they charge a monthly fee for access) get “free document reviews” and “questions answered by local attorneys.” Additionally, Rocket Lawyer has “pre-negotiated lower rates with local attorneys” so that customers can save money when they do need more than a document.

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Back to the Roots

by on July 3, 2012

Back to the Roots Logo

Yesterday I came across Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list of America’s Coolest Young Entrepreneurs. Apparently I wasn’t cool enough this year, but I’ll leave my hard feelings aside because this list is an amazing source for interesting companies with exciting internships. While the list certainly skews towards tech, my favorite from the list is as old school as you can get. It’s a fungus startup–mushrooms to be exact. Most people stick to store bought mushrooms because eating some mushroom that you found growing in your yard could be deadly (or psychedelic), but store bought mushrooms often leave something to be desired–especially when they get slimy. Back to the Roots is an Oakland, CA based company that allows you to enjoy the freshly picked mushroom experience with a product that you can buy in a supermarket.

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National Ability Center Logo

I absolutely love playing sports and participating in other outdoor activities. Physical activities are great because they provide nearly immediate feedback. You have a great idea of how you’re performing and how hard you can push yourself. That’s why the National Ability Center in Park City, UT uses activities like “alpine and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, swimming, cycling, waterskiing, horseback riding, rafting,” and more to aid the “the development of lifetime skills for people of all ages and abilities.” By using specially designed equipment and well-trained instructors (many of whom are individuals with disabilities), The National Ability Center is able to bring these wonderful activities to people who may otherwise never have a chance to participate.

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by on May 2, 2012

Instructure Logo

When you’re a kid, you think that teachers have an easy job. They have good hours, lots of vacation with summers off, and they get to stand in front of a room and tell you what to do. As you get older, you start to realize that teaching also includes grading papers, planning lessons, communicating with parents, writing comments for report cards, and a whole lot more. A grade book just isn’t a good hub for managing all of this. Teachers need something industrial-strength, and that’s what Instructure provides with their Canvas Learning Management System. The Sandy, UT based company offers a suite of tools that enable teachers to spend way less time on administrative stuff, and more time teaching and working directly with students. They serve educators at all levels–from Kindergarten to some of the world’s top universities, which shows you just how flexible the Canvas platform is.

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by on February 29, 2012

Ancestry Logo

Since we celebrated National Pancake Day yesterday, we’re not going to make a big deal about Leap Day, but if you’re looking for a leapy post, you may want to read our profiles on LeapFrog and TicketLeap. Instead of the calendar, we’re going to talk about family history. I’m lucky in that my family has done a great job of documenting our history. One of the best stories from my family’s past is about William Ker Muir (my Great Great Great Grandfather), who at 24 left his homeland of Scotland to take a job in Canada’s burgeoning railroad industry. Four years later in 1859, he was riding in the last seat of the last car on a train from Toronto to Hamilton. He heard a crash at the front of the train and jumped out the back door. He landed safely on the track as the Desjardins Bridge collapsed and the train fell into an icy gorge killing or injuring most of the passengers and crew. Without those quick reflexes, I wouldn’t be here. It’s stories like those that make investigating genealogy worthwhile, and if you’re going to do that, online tools like those provided by Provo, UT based can be a huge help. It’s “the world’s largest online resource for family history, with more than 1.7 million paying subscribers around the world.”

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Outward Bound

by on January 14, 2012

Outward Bound Logo

I went to small, private middle and high school. They were really big on outdoor education, so almost every year we took some kind of class trip to promote bonding and a kind of learning that can’t be done in the classroom. The trips were wonderful–even when 20 of us got lost in the woods with one teacher overnight. I was lucky to get these kind of experiences through my school, but if I hadn’t, there’s a good chance I would have done something like Outward Bound. They are “a non-profit educational organization and expedition school that serves people of all ages and backgrounds through active learning expeditions that inspire character development, self-discovery and service both in and out of the classroom.” Outward Bound is headquartered in Golden, CO (but operating across the country), and “was founded in 1941 in the tumultuous waters of the North Sea during World War II, to provide young sailors with the experiences and skills necessary to survive at sea.” They got their start in their current state in 1961.

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by on September 23, 2011

Skullcandy Logo

Yesterday we looked at Niner Bikes and how they’ve carved out a really nice niche in the outdoor action sports market by building mountain bikes with bigger wheel bases. Today we’re going to look at a company that has built a much bigger business in the same market by offering products that you may not initially associate with the market. Skullcandy is a Park City, UT based company that “markets high-end headphones, earphones, hands free devices, audio backpacks, MP3 players and other audio enabled lifestyle products.” They target consumers who associate with sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and mountain biking, so they’ve been able to build a really strong brand identity that has fueled some serious growth. Skullcandy was founded in 2003, and they made the Inc. 5000 this year with 354% three-year growth to $160.6 million in annual revenue. In fact, the growth has been so great that Skullcandy had an IPO earlier this year.

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The Cadmus Group

by on November 18, 2010

The Cadmus Group Logo

I’m sure that you keep hearing about the green job revolution and how environmentalist ideals are actually going to start fueling economic growth (instead of hindering it), yet you’re probably wondering where all of these opportunities are. Most of the green internships that I come across are either in the non-profit or energy sectors. However, if you look a little more closely there are a lot more options—some of which have been around a lot longer than you would have expected. Take The Cadmus Group in Watertown, MA for example. They were founded in 1983 to “take advantage of a change in how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) procured contractor support,” and they’ve evolved into a leading environmental consulting firm. They’ve done this by gathering “the best minds across a variety of disciplines to help address the nation’s most pressing environmental, energy, and health challenges.

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by on November 12, 2010

Today is One Day, One Job’s 3rd Anniversary! We’re celebrating by launching a Success Stories section. If you have a success story or just want to send along some feedback, e-mail me today at

AtTask Logo

It’s been fun running through the Inc. 500 in search of companies with internship opportunities, but the time has come to move on. I’m sure that I’ll eventually revisit a number of the companies that seemed cool but didn’t appear to have the right opportunities when I looked at them; however, we’re going to give this “series” a fitting finish by looking at #500 AtTask. They’re an Orem, UT based company that “develops project and portfolio management software that increases efficiency for businesses of all sizes.” They’ve seen 604% growth over the past three years, which puts them at $19 million in revenue for last year. Online collaboration is a huge and growing area, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see AtTask continue to put up exceptional growth rates.

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Neutron Interactive

by on October 25, 2010

Neutron Interactive Logo

Believe it or not, we’ve actually covered a fair number of internships in Utah, but I think today’s company might have the most personality of them so far. Neutron Interactive is a Salt Lake City based interactive agency that is taking online business to the next level. Neutron Interactive is an Inc 500 company that has grown 812% over the past three years. Their annual revenue was $9.5 million last year, so they’re quite big when compared to many of the other interactive agencies that also made the list.

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by on September 8, 2010

SwarmBuilder Logo

I’m big on brand advocacy. I’m not just constantly plugging brands like Bonobos, Gilt Groupe, and Groupon because they have awesome referral programs (which they do). I plug them because I’ve always had great experiences with them, and I know that they’re perfect for career minded college students. Word of mouth marketing works well enough when it happens organically, but it really takes off when you give it a little push (like a referral program). SwarmBuilder is a Salt Lake City, UT based company that works “with Brands, Retailers and Member Organizations to build audiences of sales influencers and convert them into active armies of engaged Brand Advocates.” SwarmBuilder does this with three platforms: (for retail sales professionals), (for Pros, “Bros” and other VIPs), and (for vocal web collaborators). Each of these platforms enables its targeted audience to connect with brands and learn about their products while being incentivized to spread the word.

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by on February 10, 2010

Ceteris Logo

The way that large corporations operate often boggles my mind. Take for example my friend who worked in the internal consulting division of a massive, well-known company. Despite being owned and operated by the company, his division had to bid against outside consulting firms for projects. There was a good reason for this (it forced the internal consulting division to watch its back), but it still seems a bit ridiculous. Another example of this kind of thinking is transfer pricing (don’t worry, I had to look it up too). It’s the “pricing of contributions (assets, tangible and intangible, services, and funds) transferred within an organization.” At first it may seem that since all of the money is going to the same place pricing things that are transferred within an organization doesn’t really matter. Unfortunately, that would cause all of the accountants in an organization (and the IRS too) to have a fit. So how do companies price these transfers? There’s no external market to set the price, and trying to do it internally can get really messy. That’s when companies bring in Ceteris a “global independent consulting firm specializing in transfer pricing, intellectual property and valuation services” that is headquartered in Chicago.

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Honest Beverages

by on December 3, 2009

Honest Beverages Logo

A year or two ago I read an interesting book called Why Not?: How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big And Small (affiliate link) about invention and innovation. It was a good read, and it put all kinds of new ideas in my head. One of the stories in the book is bout how the author and Yale professor, Barry Nalebuff, and one of his students, Seth Goldman, teamed up to start Honest Tea, which now seems to go by the name Honest Beverages. They were doing a case study on Coke and Pepsi in class, and both Barry and Seth agreed that most retail beverage options were either way too sweet or way too watered down. They wanted something in between, and it happened that Barry had just returned from studying the tea industry in India when Seth e-mailed him to continue the conversation that started in class. They kept running with the idea, and soon after Honest Tea was born. In 1998 the Bethesda, MD based company had 3 employees and $250,000 in sales, and last year those numbers rose to 87 employees and $38 million in sales.

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by on January 29, 2009

Omniture Logo

Maybe it’ll sound sad to you, but web analytics are a big part of my life. When your job is running websites, it’s often the best feed back that you can get. I have to admit that it makes me feel better about myself when I get more visitors, more subscribers, and more comments. And I really like it when people sign up to learn more about a job search training course that I’m releasing in the next few days. I’d imagine that employees at large corporations aren’t nearly as emotionally tied to web analytics as I am, but maybe they are – they often hold titles like Web Analytics Manager. While I’m happy with the information that Google Analytics provides me, many companies have much greater needs when it comes to tracking users on their websites. That’s why the big boys like Apple, Adobe, NBC, Chevrolet, Gap, Neiman Marcus, The New York Times, PayPal and Target use Omniture, a Utah based web analytics company. If those names trust Omniture for analytics, then you can be pretty sure that Omniture is the best out there.

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vSpring Capital

by on January 27, 2009

vSpring Capital Logo

I don’t think that we’ve featured any internships in Venture Capital yet, but today that’s going to change. From what I’ve heard, it seems like there just aren’t that many internships in VC to start with, and when there are, they get snapped up almost immediately. That’s why I was pretty interested when I got word that vSpring Capital is now recruiting for their Summer Internship Program. They’re based out of Salt Lake City, UT, and they’ve funded a portfolio of companies that work in the Software, Communications, Internet, and Life Sciences industries. I don’t recognize any of their portfolio companies by name, but some of them look pretty cool, so you should check them out.

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