How Two Recent Grads Started Getting Unsolicited Job Offers

by on September 25, 2012

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There are three words that every job seeker not so secretly dreams about: unsolicited job offer.

Alex Meystelman and Lyuba Ellingson have lived the dream. They’ve received job offers from a number of high profile companies including Microsoft. But they turned them down. I’m sure you’re a little confused. Why would they turn down a job offer in this economy? And how did they get those offers in the first place?

TL; DR – Alex and Lyuba recently launched to help recent grads do what they’ve done. If you order your Custom Online Resume Website by this Monday October 1st, they’ll give you a 33% discount ($50 off). All you have to do is enter the code “1Day1Job” at the checkout.

Alex and Lyuba are relatively recent grads who started a business together after only a couple of years out of college. The company is called Red Elixir Business Solutions, and they work with businesses on incorporating social media into their marketing initiatives. Alex and Lyuba’s work at Red Elixir has been so impressive that a number of companies have tried (unsuccessfully) to hire them away from their venture.

As entrepreneurs, Alex and Lyuba realized that instead of taking one of the jobs that was offered, they could take what they’ve done for themselves, combine it with what they do for clients, and turn it into a product. That product is

Alex and Lyuba

What is a Sexy Resume?

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It’s a unique opportunity to creatively showcase your skills and experience in an innovative way that grabs the attention of recruiters. Alex and Lyuba get job offers because they do a great job of showing off their work online.

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