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by on August 31, 2013

Canopy Logo

We moved to a tree lined street recently, and I love it. I can walk out my door on a 90 degree day, and it still doesn’t feel oppressively hot. My car is nice and cool when I get in (though it tends to get covered in bird poop), and if it rains, it has to rain pretty hard to actually get me wet. Soon the leaves will fall off and it will get colder, and then the sun will shine through the branches and keep things a little warmer. Trees make living in a city way better. That’s the premise behind Canopy, a Palo Alto, CA based “environmental nonprofit that engages the community in the growth and care of our urban forest.” While they only focus on Palo Alto and it surrounding communities, they’re making a big difference through the power of trees.

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Global Footprint Network Logo

If you want to change something, you need to be able to measure it. Whether you’re talking about weight, revenue, or toxic emissions, establishing a yardstick for success is the first step in accomplishing a goal. The problem is that some of the most important things that we want to change are the hardest to measure. The environment is a perfect example, and that’s exactly what Global Footprint Network is focused on. They are an Oakland, CA based non-profit that was “established to enable a sustainable future where all people have the opportunity to live satisfying lives within the means of one planet.” As a result, Global Footprint Network is focused on “measuring human impact on the Earth so we can make more informed choices.”

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Casey Trees

by on December 26, 2009

Casey Trees Logo

Although it may seem bad that millions of trees are cut down every year for Christmas, the truth is that most of the trees are farmed and are a completely renewable resource. Most. It was not the case with the tree that some frat boys that I went to school picked out. Their foyer had extremely high ceilings, so they picked out a very tall tree from the front of someone’s yard. They cut it down, loaded it up in their truck, and sped off. Unfortunately for them, someone spotted their plates and called the police. The cops saw the tree through the fraternity house’s windows, and they nailed the culprits. Whoops. What’s the point of this story? Trees are important, and they face lots of risks. In forests trees are often left to do their own thing, but in urban environments they need a little help. That’s what Casey Trees does. They are “a Washington, DC based not-for-profit dedicated to restoring, enhancing and protecting the tree canopy of the Nation’s Capital.” Whether they’re planting trees, protecting against development, or fixing damage done by idiot frat boys, they’re doing their best to reverse the “trend of tree cover loss in the District of Columbia.”

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Forest Trends

by on November 2, 2008

Forest Trends Logo

Do you feel most at home when you’re surrounded by trees? Would you rather be in the woods at risk of being eaten by a bear than walking through the city at risk of being hit by a bus. Well if you want to intern for Forest Trends because of your love for great forests, you’re going to have to risk being hit by a bus, because they’re located in Washington, DC. Still, it will be worth it. Forest Trends is all about conservation “by capturing market values for ecosystem services such as water purification, flood control, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity conservation.” You can’t do that it in the woods, but when you’re done interning, you’ll have helped to ensure that the forest is still there for you to enjoy.

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New York Botanical Garden

by on February 24, 2008

New York Botanical Garden LogoThe other kids begged their parents to take them to the zoo. Animals were exciting to them. Animals move and eat. They make weird sounds. They smell funny. Plants have none of those appeal factors. Plants don’t move, they grow. They absorb their nutrients. They’re soundless. And they smell good (most of them anyways). To most kids that spells B-O-R-I-N-G, but not to you. You realize that the zoo is an 86-minute comedy movie, while a botanical garden is 142 minutes of Academy Award winning cinematic genius. So, if you were the kid that ignored the cheap thrills of the zoo for the higher art of the botanical garden, then today’s internships will bud your interest.

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