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Green Education Foundation

by on September 4, 2010

Green Education Foundation Logo

When I was in Kindergarten, I was given a tree seedling in a half milk carton. I was supposed to bring it home and plant it. I’m sure there was some other lesson that came with the seedling, but all I can remember is having my own tree and thinking it was cool. I went home and planted the tree in a marginal spot where it took way too long to grow. The tree even made the move when my parents bought a new house, but it only lasted a few months in its new spot. This tree was obviously part of my “green education,” and that was back in the early 90s. Obviously, the need for environmental education continues to grow, and the Green Education Foundation in Walpole, MA is aiming to fill the growing need. They are a “non-profit organization that provides environmental education resources for Pre K-12 classrooms and youth groups nationwide.” I don’t know if seedlings in milk cartons is still in, but I bet the Green Education Foundation has much more innovative ways of teaching now.

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