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B Lab

by on August 15, 2009

B Lab Logo

Have you ever heard the term B Corporation? It’s “a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.” If you’ve been following One Day, One Internship for a while or you’ve been reading through our archives, you already know of quite a few B Corporations—Better World Books and New Leaf Paper are a couple that we’ve already featured. Each of these companies has met “comprehensive and transparent social and environmental standards via the B Rating System” and then officially amended “their corporate governing documents to incorporate stakeholder interests.” They’ve all done this through B Lab (or B Corporation, there’s still some ambiguity in their name), a Berwyn, PA based non-profit organization that is behind the B Corporation movement.

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Green Seal

by on August 2, 2009

Green Seal Logo

Whether or not we’re really going through a green revolution is up for debate, but I can assure you that Marketing departments across the world are taking advantage of the public’s appetite for “green” products. Unfortunately, “green” doesn’t really mean anything. To you it might mean one thing, and to me it might mean another. We assume that something that is labeled or advertised as green will be better for the environment, but how do we really know? That’s where Green Seal comes in. They are Washington, DC based “independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products and service.” They do this by certifying products that meet their Green Seal standards. By having an independent third party set standards, consumers can actually make informed choices about the products they buy (as long as they’re Green Seal certified, of course).

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TransFair USA

by on March 21, 2009

Transfair USA Logo

One of the cool things about the world that we live in these days is that not every decision need to be politicized. You aren’t restricted to voting your social conscience once a year on election day. You can also vote with your pocketbook/wallet/loose change. There are all kinds of products that not only serve your everyday needs, but that also represent a social idea. I’m not just talking about brands either. That Nike symbol on your t-shirt doesn’t really mean anything, but building a house with LEED certified green materials or buying Fair Trade Coffee allows you to ensure that you’re spending your money in away that aligns with your moral stances. TransFair USA, based out of Oakland, CA is the non-profit organization behind the Fair Trade Certification – as you can see from the logo to the right. They have programs that certify coffee, tea, chocolate, vanilla, fresh fruit, rice, sugar, and much more along a specific set of guidelines.

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