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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Logo

I am not a coffee drinker–never have been and never will be. I can’t even stand the smell of it, so it’s hard for me to comprehend how so many people want to start their mornings off with it. I’m either wrong or it’s the best marketing success in the world, but coffee is a massive industry–somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 billion annually just in the U.S. One of the more interesting success stories in the business is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. They’re a Waterbury, VT based company that was founded in 1981 as a small coffee shop. Instead of sticking with that model and following the Starbucks path, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters went another direction. They decided to focus on helping other people make good coffee.

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by on July 13, 2012


If you’re like most internship seekers, you’re mainly using job boards. Go where the internships are, right? Not exactly. I’m a strong believer that looking for companies is more important than looking for internships. I explain why in Foundation 3 of our free job search prep course. If you just look for internships that are posted on job boards (or even companies that have intenrships posted on their own site), you’re going to miss out on great opportunities. Sometimes you just need to think about the products that you like, and investigate who makes them. For instance, I occasionally enjoy coconut water. I’ve tried a number of brands, and El Segundo, CA based ZICO tastes the best to me (but only the Natural flavor). I’m not one of those people who believes coconut water is magic, but I do think it makes a far better sports drink than Gatorade.

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Ocean Spray

by on March 21, 2011

Ocean Spray Logo

Ever tried a Craisin? You probably ate about 100 of them, right? The only ingredients are sugar and cranberries (hopefully not in that order), but I’m convinced they’re adding something else that makes them highly addictive. Ocean Spray has made a name for itself by consistently finding new ways to market the fruit that they produce.They’re an agricultural cooperative (I figured some monster corporation owned the brand), which means that they’re “owned by large group of cranberry growers throughout North America.” The large majority of the 600 members are cranberry growers, but that number also includes about 50 Florida grapefruit growers. This means that Ocean Spray is all about finding new ways to increase demand for the two tart, but delightful fruits that their growers grow. The company is based in Lakeville-Middleboro, MA, and they’ve been “the leading producer of canned and bottled juice drinks in North America” since 1981.

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