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by on January 29, 2014

Sparks Logo

Last week we talked about brand experiences. They can happen at any scale, but typically bigger brands want to create bigger experiences. The battle for mindshare is only getting fiercer, and that means companies are going all out to get people to pay attention to them. TV, radio, and online are great channels, but it’s hard to beat in person. That’s exactly what Sparks specializes in. They are a Philadelphia, PA based agency that “creates dyanmic brand experiences anywhere in the world a customer engages with your brand.” They’re operating at the highest level and working with the biggest brands–names like Google, LG, the New York Times, Motorola, Dropbox, and HP.

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by on January 23, 2014

Escalate Logo

Think about one of your favorite brands. Your fond memories are most likely based on experiences. Maybe it’s a time when you used the company’s product or the feeling when you walk into one of their stores. Advertising can make you think about those experiences, but it can’t recreate them. Experiential marketing is a field that is all about getting you to experience the brand instead of getting you to think about the brand. That’s what Escalate is all about. They’re a New York, NY based experiential and word of mouth marketing agency that escalates “customer relationships to the point of brand advocacy, with measurable results.”

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