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Wholesome Wave

by on June 14, 2014

Wholesome Wave Logo

This year Amy and I signed up for a CSA (it stands for community supported agriculture). It’s essentially a share of a nearby farm’s output for the growing season. That means we get a ton of locally grown fruits and vegetables every week, and it forces us to eat them. I already feel healthier because of it. The only problem is that it’s pretty expensive. We can solve a lot of societal problems “by increasing affordability and access to fresh, locally grown food.” That’s exactly what Wholesome Wave does. They’re a Bridgeport, CT based non-profit with a mission “to empower people in underserved urban and rural communities to make healthier food choices.” Not only can this be good for the environment and public health, but it can also stimulate local economies.

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by on January 29, 2014

Sparks Logo

Last week we talked about brand experiences. They can happen at any scale, but typically bigger brands want to create bigger experiences. The battle for mindshare is only getting fiercer, and that means companies are going all out to get people to pay attention to them. TV, radio, and online are great channels, but it’s hard to beat in person. That’s exactly what Sparks specializes in. They are a Philadelphia, PA based agency that “creates dyanmic brand experiences anywhere in the world a customer engages with your brand.” They’re operating at the highest level and working with the biggest brands–names like Google, LG, the New York Times, Motorola, Dropbox, and HP.

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Levitt Pavilions

by on June 2, 2013

Levitt Pavilions Logo

A wedding is a perfect example of how live music brings people together. I got married last night, but I’m writing this beforehand, so I can’t tell you how good the live music was. But I’ll bet that young and old were hitting the dancing floor together. Since we can’t go to wedding every weekend (though it can start to feel like that sometimes), we have to seek live music elsewhere. Levitt Pavilions is a non-profit organization that provides exactly that. They are a Los Angeles, CA based non-profit that “partners with cities to build and transform outdoor music venues into community treasures.” There is actually a Levitt Pavilion in the town that I went to high school in, though I must admit that I’ve never been. I assumed that it was just a local thing, but today I learned that there are six Levitt Pavilions across the country (Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA; Westport, CT.; Bethlehem, PA.; Memphis, TN.; and Arlington, TX).

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by on January 27, 2013

AmeriCares Logo

My high school had an excellent community service program. We were all supposed to do at least 25 hours per year, so there was a mix of in-school and out-of-school service opportunities. One of the organizations that we worked with was AmeriCares. I can’t for the life of me remember what project we worked on, but I know that I had a t-shirt with their logo on it that ended up covered in paint (that may have been from a completely different service project). AmeriCares is a Stamford, CT based “nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization which provides immediate response to emergency medical needs – and supports long-term humanitarian assistance programs – for all people around the world.”

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A+E Networks

by on January 10, 2013

A+E Networks Logo

I’m a sucker for reality tv. I hope this won’t make you think less of me, but my current favorites include Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold, Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Top Chef, Million Dollar Listing, and Storage Wars. I know I’m not alone because more and more of these shows are being put on the air. We’ve seen reality tv completely change the type of programming that a number of channels run. Bravo, A&E, and The History Channel are prime examples. The latter two are both part of A+E Networks, which is a New York, NY based “global media company with joint ventures and channels all over the world.” Their brands include A&E, Lifetime, HISTORY, LMN, BIO, H2, HISTORY en Español, Crime & Investigation Network, Military HISTORY, Lifetime Real Women, A&E IndieFilms, A+E Networks International, A+E Networks Digital, and A+E Networks Consumer Products. I’m sure you’ve watched at least one of them recently.

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Everybody Wins!

by on December 22, 2012

Everybody Wins Logo

I haven’t had someone read a book to me in years. The last time that I can remember was my Senior year in high school. We had our annual K-12 holiday assembly, and one of the school’s most beloved teachers read us ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. That’s a great story to be read no matter how old you are. In fact, “reading aloud with children is the single most important activity for helping them become successful readers.” That’s why when you read with a child… Everybody Wins!. Everybody Wins! is a Wellesley, MA based non-profit (with affiliates all across the country) that is aiming to “help bridge the literacy gap.”

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Stew Leonard’s

by on November 22, 2012

I woke up this morning to smell of the donuts that my mom was baking on her new donut making machine. Usually we have waffles and kielbasa, so it was a change from our normal Thanksgiving tradition. The change continued when my mom said, “It’s Thanksgiving, you should write about Stew Leonard’s.” It’s not new for her to present me with ideas, but it is new for me to politely accept them. Stew Leonard’s is a small Norwalk, CT based chain of four grocery stores that are far more than just grocery stores. It’s a very unique place, and a wonderful place to buy all of your Thanksgiving essentials and fixings. I haven’t been there in a long time (it’s a decent drive from my parents’ house), but I have wonderful childhood memories of animatronic produce doing song and dance shows, winning a free ice cream in the checkout line, and a petting zoo.

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A Very Merry Birthday

by on October 6, 2012

A Very Merry Birthday Logo

It’s my birthday! Amy, my fiancée, has a great day planned for me, and my parents are coming into town tomorrow. Next weekend we’re having a party. Even if it means that I’m creeping towards 30, I’m glad that I have family and friends who are excited to help me celebrate. Unfortunately, there are a lot of kids out there who can’t get excited about their birthdays because of their family situations. I think that every kid should be able to get excited about his or her birthday. Luckily, there are a multitude of non-profits that provide birthday parties, gifts, and cakes for underprivileged kids. How cool is that? A Very Merry Birthday is one of these organizations, and it’s based in New Haven, CT. There are tons of others across the country. I couldn’t find any with current job or internship postings, but quite a few of them have had past interns at the very least. Since there are so many of these organizations, I’m going to recommend that you find one near you and reach out to them about opportunities while I go enjoy being 28.

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by on May 19, 2012

buildOn Logo

It’s easy to think of the developing world as having completely different problems from the ones we have in the U.S. But when you look more closely, you start to realize that the link between poverty and a lack of good education is consistent across the world–our inner cities and the developing world have similar problems that require similar solutions. buildOn is a non-profit organization based in Stamford, CT that aims to break “the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education” by “putting youth in service and building schools in developing countries.” Most non-profits either focus on education abroad or domestically, buildOn is unique in that they believe that they can better solve both problems by working on them at the same time.

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by on March 31, 2012

50CAN Logo

I was really lucky in that my parents sent me to a top notch private school for 6th through 12th grade. I have no doubt that it had a significantly positive effect on my education. Why? Because it was a truly great school. Private schools obviously aren’t the only great schools (and plenty of private schools aren’t all that great), but there’s no doubt that many of our country’s public schools are underperforming. 50CAN is a New York, NY based non-profit organization that is pushing for education reform because they believe that “Great Schools Can Change Everything.” They don’t just mean test scores and individual outcomes. They mean our economy, our democracy, our dreams, our competitiveness, our health, our communities, and pretty much everything else. 50CAN is different from many of the education focused non-profits that you’re likely familiar with in that 50CAN is focused squarely on advocacy.

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Globe Pequot Press

by on December 14, 2011

Globe Pequot Press Logo

I’m a big reader, so I usually end up getting quite a few books for Christmas. That’s starting to change because I’ve moved the to the Kindle for most of my reading, but I’m still a book collector. In fact, I have an award winning collection on fly fishing. A good number of those books come from a publisher called Lyons Press, which is now owned by a larger publishing company called Globe Pequot Press. They’re based in Guilford, CT, and they focus on four categories: Outdoor Life, Regional Interest, Special Interests, and Travel. These categories are represented by imprints that include FalconGuides, Knack, Skirt!, Insiders’ Guide, Footprint Travel Guides, and Popout Products. When you put all those together, you get a pretty decent sized publishing company.

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Victorinox Swiss Army

by on November 24, 2011

Victorinox Swiss Army Logo

In case you haven’t noticed, I love using holidays themes to pick companies. Sometimes I get a little silly with companies or organizations that would never actually have jobs, but it’s really all about getting you to have a little fun and start thinking more creatively. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays to use for idea generation because you can take it in so many directions. In past years I’ve looked at Jennie-O, Plimoth Plantation and Colonial Williamsburg, Pilgrim’s Pride, Macy’s, Williams-Sonoma, National Wild Turkey Federation, and Food Bank for New York City. I’ve exhausted a lot of options, so I started racking my brain–I even looked up Thanksgiving bingo cards for ideas. Then I realized that Thanksgiving is nothing without a good carving knife. No matter how well you cook that turkey, if you can’t piece it out properly, you’ve failed. And who makes a top rated (by America’s Test Kitchen) kitchen knives? Victorinox Swiss Army does–and super affordable ones at that. You probably think of the Monroe, CT based company for the little red pocket knives that have a whole bunch of tools, but they make all kinds of cutlery in addition to watches, travel gear, and clothing.

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VOICES of September 11th

by on September 11, 2011

VOICES of September 11th Logo

We all have our own September 11th stories. I shared mine last year when I wrote about the National September 11 Memorial Museum. These stories, whether they are from the front lines or from people thousands of miles away, are what will ensure that we continue to use the memory of those whose lives were lost 10 years ago today as a positive force. VOICES of September 11th is a non-profit organization that was founded by two women who lost loved ones in the attacks to serve as “an information clearinghouse for those affected by the attacks through the use of a Web site, electronic newsletter, direct mailings and media outreach.” They are based in New Canaan, CT with a satellite office in New Brunswick, NJ, and they have expanded their mission over the years to include “providing continuity of care to promote resiliency and address the long-term issues” of those who were directly affected by the attacks.

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Innovations for Poverty Action Logo

When I hear the word innovation, I usually think high-tech. It’s really just about finding new things that work, even if they’re old ideas. Innovations for Poverty Action is a New Haven, CT based non-profit organization that is “dedicated to discovering what works to help the world’s poor.” By using the scientific method in everything that they do, Innovations for Poverty Action is able to optimize their programs for maximum return on investment. That means they’re able to help more people with less money, which is absolutely essential when you’re fighting poverty. It’s pretty cool that they’ve been able to create a system for reliably developing new innovations.

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by on March 28, 2011

Perkins+Will Logo

Even though my father is an architect, I must say that my appreciation for architecture is elementary at best. Excluding the few times that my Dad drags me along, I don’t intentionally pay much attention to the design of buildings. Even still, I often can’t help but notice buildings that are architecturally interesting for one reason or another.. When I came across a link to some positions at Perkins+Will, the first thing that I did was look at their work. I was surprised by how many of their projects I’ve noticed and enjoyed. Just a few of them include the San Francisco Ferry Building, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, and The Contemporaine (which is only a couple of blocks from me). And that’s just a small sampling of the work that the firm has done. Perkins+Will was started in Chicago, IL in 1935, but since then they’ve expanded to 23 offices across the world (including locations in Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Charlotte, NC; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Dubai, UAE; Hartford, CT; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; London, UK; Miami, FL; Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Research Triangle Park, NC; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Shanghai, China; Toronto, ON; Vancouver, BC; and Washington, DC.) I spent some time trying to figure out if they have an actual headquarters or main office, but I couldn’t come up with anything.

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FactSet Research Systems

by on February 8, 2011

FactSet Logo

The world of high finance is mind-bending. Billions and even trillions of dollars are being exchanged, yet no paper money is actually changing hands. It gets even crazier when you realize that real people are behind all of these transactions. They’re constantly making decisions that affect more money than you’ll probably accrue in your lifetime—and it’s not even their money (some of it might even be yours). When it comes to finance, research is crucial to sound decision making, and as technology has evolved, research has become more and more plentiful. FactSet Research Systems is a Norwalk, CT based company that provides investment analytics tools. As they put it, “FactSet enhances productivity of the global investment professional by providing superior workflow solutions.” It does this by consolidating “all the tools you need to monitor global markets, public and private companies, and equity and fixed income portfolios in a single, intuitive interface.”

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The Taunton Press

by on January 24, 2011

The Taunton Press Logo

The world of publishing is a pretty crazy place right now. We hear about prestigious brand names struggling to stay afloat, while relative newcomers like Demand Media are IPO-ing. One of the key takeaways from all of the turmoil is that advertisers want results. That means that publishers need to be able to deliver targeted audiences that will respond to ads, whether it be through traditional outlets like magazines and newspapers or online. The Taunton Press is a publisher that has understood this for a long time. They’re based in Newtown, CT (a lovely town where I’ve done a lot of fishing), and they publish magazines, websites, and books for people who have a passion for creative activities. Their titles include Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding, Fine Cooking, Fine Gardening, Threads, and more. Most of the publications come in both magazine form and an online version, so readers can consume the content however they feel comfortable.

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Disaster Accountability Project Logo

We got a few inches of snow here in Chicago yesterday. It wasn’t an all out disaster like it might have been in a southern state where an inch of snow is cause for shutting down everything, but I’m sure it caused a few headaches for people. Even simple things like a small snowstorm remind us that we can’t control everything. Disasters, whether they’re caused by weather, accidents, terrorists, or negligence, are always a risk. There’s not much that we can do to prevent most types of disasters, but we can always be better prepared to cope with them. The Disaster Accountability Project is a West Hartford, CT based non-profit organization that aims to improve “the nation’s disaster management systems through public accountability, citizen oversight and empowerment, whistle-blower engagement, and policy research.”

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Prometheus Research

by on November 15, 2010

Prometheus Research Logo

A while back a friend from high school e-mailed me to tell me that she’s been following the site and that I should feature her employer. She claimed that it’s not just because they give her a new MacBook Pro every three years, but that has to be at least part of it. Since she loves her job, and she’s someone that I trust, we’re going to take a look at Prometheus Research today. They’re a New Haven, CT based company, and they develop “low-cost, easy-to-use, web-based data access integration tools” while also “offering research informatics services.” Prometheus Research’s clients are mainly “biomedical and scientific researchers, research institutions, and research funding organizations,” which means that they’re enabling really smart people to stay focused on what they do best—science—instead of wasting time with the complexities of other database systems.

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Environment America

by on November 13, 2010

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Environment America Logo

Now, I’m not one to worry much about Global Warming, especially when I’m enjoying a snap of 60-plus degree weather in Chicago in mid-November, but that doesn’t mean I’m not concerned about the environment. There’s no doubt that our way of life has numerous negative impacts on the natural world around us, and we’re not doing enough to minimize those impacts. Environment America is a nationwide, non-profit “federation of state-based, citizen-funded environmental advocacy organizations” that is headquartered in Washington, DC. Their strategy is focused on combining “independent research, practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests and win real results for the environment.” (Yes, they’re another special interest that is fighting special interests.) They’ve been around for 30 years, and I’m sure that they’re going to keep on going as long as mankind is harming the environment.

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by on November 5, 2010

Crumbs Logo

Depending on where you live, the cupcake thing has passed, reached its peak, or just started. Yeah, you’ve had cupcakes a million times—once for each kid’s birthday that you celebrated in elementary school. (Did you know that they don’t allow that at a lot of schools now? No cupcakes. Wow.) Basically, kids are no longer getting cupcakes, but adults are making up for it in a big way. Just take a look at Crumbs, a chain of bake shops headquartered in New York City. They have more than two dozen locations with quite a few more on the way. Oh yeah, and they’re an Inc. 500 company with a 704% three-year growth rate and $23.5 million in annual revenue. Some bake shop, huh? Apparently, they are “inspired by old-time candy shops and are warm and inviting with wood cases, marble counters and wall to wall treats.” It’s working!

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Alteris Renewables

by on November 3, 2010

Alteris Renewables Logo

Unfortunately, I can’t report on the election results because I’m writing this a day in advance because I will have flown to Munich last night. However, I can guarantee that regardless of how the people voted, green energy is still going to be a huge market. Renewables are big, and they’re becoming more and more accessible to average people. Alteris Renewables is a Wilton, CT based company that offers affordable renewable energy solutions to residential, commercial, and educational customers. They also have offices in Stonington, CT; Stamford, CT; New Bedford, MA; Albany, NY; Saratoga Springs, NY; New York, NY; Parsippany, NJ; Malvern, PA; Providence, RI; Waitsfield, VT; and Montpelier, VT. Yes, they pretty much have the Northeast covered. They also have the awesome growth rate covered, as they’re #417 on the Inc. 500 with 710% three-year growth to $56.4 million in revenue last year.

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American Farmland Trust

by on October 3, 2010

I’m going to be in Ithaca today and tomorrow. If any Cornell students want to say hi, just e-mail me at and I’ll tell you where I’m working.

American Farmland Trust Logo

Environmentalism and farming have an interesting relationship. Without a healthy environment, productive farming is nearly impossible; however, farming done wrong can be even worse for ecosystems than a smoke-spewing, toxic waste dumping factory. American Farmland Trust is a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC that works with communities and individuals to “to protect the best land, plan for growth with agriculture in mind and keep the land healthy.” As America forgets how reliant it is on farmland for our food, more and more farms are being developed and losing their food producing capacity. American Farmland Trust was founded in 1980, and since then they’ve saved “millions of acres of farmland from development and led the way for establishing sound environmental practices on millions more.”

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Achievement First

by on May 29, 2010

Achievement First Logo

I have a good friend from Cornell who has been working in the world of education since he graduated with me in 2006. He often sends me recommendations of companies that I should feature, and I’ve actually covered quite a few of them. Earlier this week he sent me a note about Achievement First, a New Haven, CT based non-profit organization that manages charter schools across Connecticut and New York. (Sidenote: Having a friend like mine who is super-connected and aware in a particular industry or area can be huge for your job search.) Achievement First got its start in 1998 when a group of founders got together with the goal of creating a public charter school. They succeeded, and the result was Amistad Academy—and it’s been an amazing result. Over the past 7 years, Amistad Academy students have beat state averages in reading and math on the Connecticut Mastery Tests. In 2003 they built on this success by making Achievement First a separate entity to take the lessons learned from Amistad Academy and spread them throughout the region. Since then Achievement First “has grown into a network that includes 17 academies under nine charters in four cities.”

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