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by on October 3, 2013

Zendesk Logo

A couple months ago I was raving to you about our web host WP Engine. While I’m still generally happy with them, they had a pretty big screw up a couple weeks ago. I worked with their support team, and we were able to find a resolution (though it took much longer than I would have hoped). All of the communications ran through Zendesk, which is “beautifully simple customer service software.” It’s basically a platform for managing all of the back and forth that is typically a part of delivering good customer service. Zendesk is based in San Francisco, CA, though they were originally founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2007 (they made the move in 2009).

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by on December 19, 2011

QuinStreet Logo

In March of 2009 I got an e-mail that looked a lot like the spam you typically see when you’re a webmaster with a publicly listed e-mail address. When someone refers to my site as, it gives me the hint that the e-mail was probably automated and that I should send it to my Junk folder. But I was still intrigued by the following sentence: “I am reaching out to see if you will be interested in selling your site and would like to discuss potential acquisition opportunities with us,” so I followed up. Over the next few months I traded e-mails with a guy who works at QuinStreet about potentially selling the site, but we never even made it to the offer stage. The reason that the Foster City, CA based company was interested in One Day One Job is that they’re one of the leaders in vertical marketing and online media. They have tons of online properties, and they use them to market and generate leads for other businesses. They’ve been at it since 1999, so they’ve been around the block a time or two.

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Ford Models

by on July 10, 2008

Ford Models Logo

Do you love fashion? Do you enjoy being around beautiful people? Are you trying to date a model? These are all reasons that you might want to intern for Ford Models. Some of these reasons are more legitimate than others, but from what we gather, you need to be really serious about the modeling industry to land an internship with Ford Models. Competition is fierce for the limited spots they have, and finding information on how to land an internship with Ford Models is pretty tough. We’ve done a bunch of research, and we think we’ve got most of the details figured out. So if you’re ready to give up that dream of being a model yourself, then maybe interning at a modeling agency will be what you need to plan your new direction in life.

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