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by on April 7, 2011

ConsumerTrack Logo

Advertising is supposed to deliver results, but for the longest time it was nearly impossible to tell whether an ad was actually performing as it should. The Internet has changed that, and it’s caused problems for lots of businesses that rely on ad sales for revenue. However, there are plenty of other businesses that are reacting quickly to these market changes and giving advertisers what they want. One of these companies is ConsumerTrack, which is based in El Segundo, CA. They specialize “in creating, managing, optimizing and monetizing marketing campaigns for a variety of companies ranging from small lenders and finance groups, to Fortune 500 banks and blue chip companies.” These aren’t just any marketing campaigns though, they’re designed in a way to ensure that clients are getting a maximum return on investment for their advertising dollars.

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Neutron Interactive

by on October 25, 2010

Neutron Interactive Logo

Believe it or not, we’ve actually covered a fair number of internships in Utah, but I think today’s company might have the most personality of them so far. Neutron Interactive is a Salt Lake City based interactive agency that is taking online business to the next level. Neutron Interactive is an Inc 500 company that has grown 812% over the past three years. Their annual revenue was $9.5 million last year, so they’re quite big when compared to many of the other interactive agencies that also made the list.

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Efficient Frontier

by on June 30, 2010

Efficient Frontier Logo

Auctions are huge online. You probably know all about eBay, but did you know that Google’s advertising platform (the one that makes them almost all of their money) is also run by an auction model? If you want to advertise on a specific keyword’s search results, you make a bid, and if your bid is the highest (with some kinks thrown in to ensure quality advertisers), then your ad gets shown. What’s really interesting is that our financial markets are also based on an auction system. This means that innovations in the financial markets can also have relevance to the online advertising markets. That’s what Sunnyvale, CA based Efficient Frontier has figured out and built their business on. Their “performance optimization platform harnesses the power of advanced modeling to optimize campaigns and forecast the impact of changing tactics.” Efficient Frontier handles over $900 million in search engine marketing spending for their clients every year, which makes them a world leader.

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