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Direct Agents

by on November 7, 2012

Direct Agents Logo

Two competing marketing campaigns that combined for more a billion dollars in ad spend just came to an end (and the result was maintenance of the status quo). Some would say that any money spent on advertising is wasted, but as someone who makes a living off of advertising, I disagree strongly. I’ll take a wager that the folks at Direct Agents are on my side. Direct Agents is a New York, NY based “digital marketing agency specializing in performance-based digital solutions including lead generation, email marketing, search engine marketing and Facebook advertising.” They must be doing a good job, as they’ve more than doubled their revenue since 2007 (to $34.3 million).

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by on October 23, 2012

Ever have a class that required a clicker? Wouldn’t you rather use your phone? Top Hat Monocle is a San Francisco based company that is reinventing the college lecture experience. They’re looking for Campus Business Development Associates all across the country to spearhead campus adoption by reaching out to professors, raising awareness about Top Hat Monocle, and working closely with our sales and marketing teams to create a strategy that works. Find out how to get one of these internships!

MeUndies Logo

I’m kind of obsessed with subscription based business models right now. I’ve been trying to come up with some new ones on my own, but I’ve also been investigating those that are already out there. One non-obvious (at least to me) subscription offering that seems to be gaining a lot of traction is underwear. There are a number of players in the market, so it must mean that people like getting new pairs of underwear on a regular basis. One of these companies is Me Undies. They’re based in Beverly Hills, CA, and they offer “the world’s most comfortable underwear in all your favorite colors and styles.” Oh yeah, and they do it at a way better price than designers who offer underwear of the same quality.

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by on October 5, 2012

SpareFoot Logo

I’ll fess up to it… I watch Storage Wars. How can you not enjoy a show where people make exorbitant bids for other people’s junk and then find out whether they won big or overpaid? Isn’t part of the American Dream finding treasure in someone else’s trash? I don’t know where they get the valuations on some of this stuff, but who cares if the “value” of all of the world’s antiques and collectibles is greater than the total amount of money in the world? (I’m making this up, but I’m convinced it’s true.) If you really want to make money from storage units, you’re better off owning them–or helping their owners market them. That’s what SpareFoot. They’re an Austin, TX based company that “has the largest inventory of storage units on the web” and allows you to “search by location, price, unit size and amenities.”

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by on September 27, 2012

BlueGlass Interactive Logo

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Search Engine Optimization is one of the most valuable things that I’ve learned from running One Day One Job. Search (namely Google) is how people find stuff, and what they find often determines where they spend money. There are very few businesses these days that can afford to completely ignore SEO. And that’s why the Inc. 500 is littered with fast-growing SEO companies. The problem is that a lot of the companies out there seem sketchy at best. I can’t tell you to consider working at a company that does SEO when I can see from their site that they have no idea what they’re doing (or even worse that what they do could be harmful). In SEO and online marketing, quality matters. That’s why I was excited to come across some opportunities at BlueGlass in Tampa, FL. They’re aiming to “change the way companies market themselves online with extraordinary strategies, service and software powered by the best minds in digital marketing,” and I have no doubt that they’ll do it.

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by on September 13, 2012

LeagueApps Logo

One of the best things about living in a big city like Chicago is that there are seemingly limitless sports leagues. I’ve only played volleyball so far, but I keep telling myself that I’ll do softball, dodgeball, and maybe even basketball. For a recent grad, sports leagues are a great way to meet new people and get in an exercise routine as you start your life in the real world. The one problem that I run into is that many of the leagues are disorganized and have terrible websites that are hard to navigate and use. LeagueApps is a New York, NY and Washington, DC based company that solves this problem through their “digital management and marketing solution for local sports leagues, tournaments and events.” It’s essentially a sports league in a box (a digital one at that).

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by on September 3, 2012

Pardot Logo

On Friday I visited one my Dad’s college friends at his workshop. He makes sails for traditional boats, and he’s been doing it for a long time. He doesn’t get a lot of incoming calls from potential clients (it’s a pretty niche business), but when he does, he almost always makes the sale (no pun intended). It’s because he has developed a process that shows potential customers that he’s undoubtedly the best guy for the job. He does it all by hand (even to the point of writing a personal letter), but it’s essentially automated. He spends about 15 minutes on it every morning, and that’s it. While that approach won’t work in a lot of business, nearly every company can benefit from automating parts of their marketing. Pardot is a company that provides software to do exactly that. They’re based in Atlanta, GA, and they came in at #172 on the Inc. 500 with 2,001% three-year growth and $7.4 million in revenue.

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Slingshot SEO

by on August 31, 2012

Slingshot SEO Logo

There’s a two in three chance that you found out about us from Google. That’s not by luck. Early on I realized that most job seekers don’t know where to look, so they go to search engines. I’ve put in a massive amount of work to ensure that the content that I create turns up when people search for stuff that I have answers for. This is called SEO, and it isn’t some sort of black magic–shortcuts don’t work in the long run. SEO and inbound marketing are about developing great content, organizing the information on your website in a coherent way, and getting other people to share it (mainly through linking). It’s a fascinating field that sometimes gets a bad reputation. I pass up writing about a lot of companies in the SEO industry because they don’t pass my smell test. Slingshot SEO does, and they also happen to have achieved a three-year growth rate of 2,391%–putting them at #136 on the Inc. 500. I really like what I see in Slingshot SEO’s methodology, and I’m also impressed by the Indianapolis, IN based company’s client list.

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by on July 30, 2012

Doner Logo

I’ve heard rumors that in other countries you can watch the Olympics live and without an insane number of ads. While I’m pretty frustrated by the tape delays, I don’t think the ads are so bad. It’s not the Super Bowl, but I’ve seen some really excellent Olympics focused spots (my favorite is the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III ad with the passing of the torch). I’m not sure which agencies are behind which ads, and I’m not even sure Doner has done any Olympics focused ads, but they certainly work with the kind of companies that might be Olympic sponsors. They’re based in Southfield, MI, and they provide brands with “constant energy, unwavering vigilance and a devoted belief in staying fresh.” Doner is currently doing so for names like Chrysler, Jeep, Chiquita, Arby’s, FIAT, and Minute Maid.

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by on July 24, 2012

42Floors Logo

Unhelpful Google results are often the sign of a business opportunity. I started One Day One Job because I was frustrated with the junk that turned up when I’d search things like “entry level jobs” (there’s still a lot of junk out there, but I’m doing my best to bring more quality to the results). Though I’ve never researched leasing an office, I hear that doing so is even more frustrating than looking for a job online. (I just searched for an office in my neighborhood, and the #1 result looks like it’s from 1995.) 42Floors is a company that wants to finally bring the $25 billion office space/commercial real estate market online in a proper way. They’re based in San Francisco, CA, which couldn’t be a better place for this kind of business to get its start (the Bay Area is the only market they cover right now).

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by on June 1, 2012

WeddingWire Logo

Today is my -1 year anniversary. In other words I’m getting married a year from today (and yes, we’re celebrating that). Amy and I have a wedding planner, and we’ve already made a lot of the big decisions (when/where/band/photographer). In a city like Chicago, you’re not going to get what you want if you don’t book things way in advance. Luckily, we have someone to guide us on these decisions, but if we didn’t we might turn to a resource like WeddingWire. It’s “the category leader in local business reviews (think “Yelp of Weddings”), offering the ability to search, compare and book over 200,000 recently reviewed wedding vendors.” The company is based in Bethesda, MD, and because they’ve been so successful in the wedding market, they’ve also gone after Bar Mitzvahs, Proms, and all kinds of other events.

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by on May 29, 2012

Bump Logo

If there’s a driving holiday, it has to be Memorial Day. I didn’t spend much time in the car this year, but last year I was in a nasty traffic jam coming back from Michigan. The jam was exacerbated by some buffoon who decided to block off a lane for at least a mile by driving slowly (it was closed for construction ahead). If only there was a way to contact him and let him know that he should read Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us). Then he’d know that full lane utilization with a zipper merge at the obstruction is the most efficient way to deal with a lane closure. BUMP is a La Jolla, CA based company that wants to create “the world’s largest communication, marketing, and safety network” by connecting license plate numbers with online profiles.

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Cogo Labs

by on May 25, 2012

Cogo Labs Logo

The last time that I was involved with an incubator was in 5th grade when my class was hatching chicks. Between then and when I graduated college, the word incubator was irrelevant to me. Now it’s coming up all the time. I’ve been involved with and interested in startups for the past five or so years, and in that time I’ve seen the idea of the incubator blow up. Incubators typically provide capital, guidance, office space, and much more to help startups get off the ground. Cogo Labs (formerly Adverplex) is a Cambridge, MA based incubator that focuses on growing Boston based web companies. They offer a unique value to their portfolio companies in that they have an in house “platform of proprietary technologies for algorithmic marketing, data mining, and quantitative business analytics.”

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by on May 2, 2012

Instructure Logo

When you’re a kid, you think that teachers have an easy job. They have good hours, lots of vacation with summers off, and they get to stand in front of a room and tell you what to do. As you get older, you start to realize that teaching also includes grading papers, planning lessons, communicating with parents, writing comments for report cards, and a whole lot more. A grade book just isn’t a good hub for managing all of this. Teachers need something industrial-strength, and that’s what Instructure provides with their Canvas Learning Management System. The Sandy, UT based company offers a suite of tools that enable teachers to spend way less time on administrative stuff, and more time teaching and working directly with students. They serve educators at all levels–from Kindergarten to some of the world’s top universities, which shows you just how flexible the Canvas platform is.

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Everyday Health

by on April 3, 2012

Guys. If you’re going to land an internship, you need pants. And shoes. And shirts. And maybe even a jacket and tie. Looking good is important, which is why you should outfit yourself in Bonobos like I do. Here’s $25 off your first order. My gift to you.

Everyday Health Logo

I have no idea where people went to ask embarrassing health questions before the Internet. I guess you could have gone to a doctor, but it’s really nice to pre-educate yourself before you ask a professional. That’s why there’s ridiculous demand for health-related information online. Everyday Health is a company that has been reacting to this demand since they started in 2002. They are a New York, NY based company that provides “consumers, healthcare professionals, and brands with content and advertising-based services across a broad portfolio of over 25 websites that span the health spectrum.” If you ask Google and embarrassing health question, there’s a really good chance that you’ll end up on one of their sites. In 2010 they were averaging 26.5 million monthly unique visitor, which is just a massive amount of traffic–especially in a niche as valuable as health related information.

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by on March 27, 2012

Drchrono Logo

The health care situation in the United States is a mess. It’s hard to disagree with that, but it’s easy to disagree about how we can fix it. I think that technology is a big part of the answer. I don’t mean medical technology (though that will certainly help)–I’m talking about administrative technology. I know it’s not nearly as exciting, but if doctors can run their practices more efficiently, they’ll be able to deliver better care at a lower costs. That’s a big deal. Drchrono is a Mountain View, CA based company that is using the power of the iPad to change how medical practices are run. They’ve developed a software-based patient care platform that does everything from patient check-in to managing electronic health records to billing. It may not sound like it’s going to turn around the health care situation, but it’s a start.

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HY Connect

by on March 20, 2012

HY Connect Logo

One of the best ways to land an internship is to show an employer what you’ve done. That’s hard when you don’t have any experience, and that’s why I recommend that every college student pick up some sort of project to put who they are into product form. Getting an internship is a lot like landing an account for an agency, which is why HY Connect leads with their work. When you get on the Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL based company’s home page, you see the best of what they do best. While looking at an advertising campaign can tell you a lot, it doesn’t tell the whole story. HY Connect offers “integrated advertising, public relations and media solutions,” which means that their Services page includes a remarkably long list of things that they do well.

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by on February 22, 2012

LearnVest Logo

The best personal finance tip that I’ve ever heard comes from Ramit Sethi at I Will Teach You to Be Rich: earn more money. As a college student, that’s exactly what you’re trying to do (get an education, so you can get a job). Oddly enough, a good way to earn more money might be going into the personal finance industry. There’s a ton of growth in the space, and one of the companies that caught my eye is LearnVest. It was started by Alexa von Tobel after realized that she graduated from Harvard and was going to work in finance without any idea of how to manage her own finances. Now they have $25 million in funding, an office in New York, NY, and a mission of helping women “live a richer life.” They do this by providing content, tools, and guidance on all types of personal finance topics.

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Underground Elephant

by on January 16, 2012

Underground Elephant Logo

Company names usually take one of two directions. They either explain exactly what the company does (i.e. Accuweather), or they tell you absolutely nothing about what the company does (i.e. Benzinga). There’s a third type that sounds totally random but actually has a significant meaning, and those tend to be my favorite. Underground Elephant is one of those names. The company is based in San Diego, CA, and they offer “a complete turnkey solution” for customer acquisition in “a wide range of vertical markets.” How is this relevant to their name? Underground Elephant plays a huge role in their clients’ businesses, yet their participation is essentially invisible to everyone but insiders.

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by on January 9, 2012

360i Logo

I can’t tell you how many bad careers sites I’ve seen over the past 4+ years. Companies with beautiful, easy to use websites often have jobs pages that make you want to poke your eyes out. Even the simple ones that just have a few paragraphs about the company and a listing of jobs are disappointing. Why can’t companies actually put some effort into convincing you to work for them? 360i certainly puts in the effort. I recently landed on their newly relaunched careers page via a link from Twitter, and I was thoroughly impressed. 360i is a digital marketing agency, and it’s pretty clear that they’ve actually put some of their in-house talent to work on the 360i Careers page. It tells a story; it provides a great user experience; it introduces you to the company before throwing job postings at you; and it actually makes you want to work at 360i (they have offices in New York, NY; Atlanta, GA; Detroit, MI; San Francisco, CA; and Chicago, IL).. This should be expected, but instead it’s the exception.

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by on September 20, 2011 Logo

It’s not often that you see 25-year old companies on the Inc. 5000, but that’s exactly what is. They got their start as a husband and wife team, and they’ve growing consistently since 1986. It seems that the growth has accelerated over the past few years, as, which is based in Greenwood Village, CO, has a 442% three-year growth rate and generated $35.4 million in revenue last year. Now, isn’t really what it sounds like. It’s not an online version of QVC. It’s a coupons site; in fact, it’s “one of the largest websites offering free online coupons, grocery coupons, cash back rewards, free samples, restaurant coupons and contests.” Their site had 37 million visits last year, which is a staggering number. What’s even more staggering is that they appear to have generated about $1 in revenue for every visitor.

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One Click Ventures

by on September 13, 2011

One Click Ventures Logo

The thing that I love most about the Inc. 5000 is the diversity of the companies. While there are definitely some strong themes throughout the list, there are companies doing all kinds of things in all kinds of places–and succeeding. One of the biggest themes on the list is that online marketing is offering massive opportunity to new companies. One Click Ventures is a Greenwood, IN based company that is big on Internet marketing. Unlike many of the other companies on the list, they do the marketing for themselves, not for clients. One Click Ventures runs a number of e-commerce properties including ABC Neckties, Affordable Scarves, Handbag Heaven, Inexpensive Watches, Reading Glasses Shopper,, Socks4Life, and Sunglass Warehouse. Each of these sites is in a very competitive niche, so it should be no surprise that One Click Ventures claims to have a distinct competitive advantage with their “marketing engine” that “consists of a diverse team of subject matter experts, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, conversion optimization and content development.”

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Ludus Tours

by on September 6, 2011

Ludus Tours Logo

A few weeks ago I told you about a company called Sixthman that gets together groups of music fans and puts them on a cruise ship with their favorite artists. It’s a pretty cool idea that is making a bunch of money (even if it doesn’t sound like my kind of fun). Ludus Tours is another company that organizes group vacations, but they are focus on taking people to specific destinations for specific events. Their main focus is on sporting events like The Olympics, The World Cup, The Master’s, The Super Bowl, and other big events that are preceded with a “The.” However, they have branched out to do other types of trips like Oktoberfest in Munich, Carnaval in Rio, and The Running of the Bulls. They cover all the bases including travel, accommodations, tickets, and all of the other logistics involved with trips like these. San Diego, CA based Ludus Tours serves both individuals and groups, so you can book a tour for yourself or organize a group excursion. They must do a good job considering they’ve seen 1,253% three-year growth to $2.5 million in revenue.

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by on August 31, 2011 Logo

I can’t tell you how much money I’ve saved by being a savvy shopper. Doing something as simple as Googling for coupon codes or looking up discount programs has saved me money time after time. I’m by no means fanatical about this stuff (and I try to avoid buying stuff just because it’s on sale), but there are a ton of people who get really excited about finding deals. Many of them flock to online communities for deal sharing like Fatwallet, Slickdeals, and Whether you’re looking for a specific deal or just want to see what bargains are available right now, Los Angeles, CA based offers that kind of information. You may wonder how a site that is focused on serving people who self-identify as being cheap makes money, but there’s no question that doesn’t seem to be a problem for considering that they made the Inc. 5000 with 2,077% three-year growth to $19.9 million in revenue.

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by on August 23, 2011

Leadnomics Logo

Today is my favorite day of the year, at least when it comes to writing daily company profiles. Why? Inc. Magazine just released the 2011 Inc. 5000 List. It’s a ranking of the 5,000 fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. It includes all kind of businesses in locations all across the country. It’s one of the best internship seeker resources out there. As I looked through the list I saw a lot of companies that I’ve already written about and a lot of new ones that don’t have any positions posted. Then I saw Leadnomics–they came in at #48 with 3,932% 3-year revenue growth to $5.8 million in revenue last year. The lead generation and performance marketing company is based in Philadelphia, PA, and they’ve been growing rapidly in terms of both revenue and headcount.

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