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The Wirecutter

by on August 12, 2014

The Wirecutter Logo

Whenever I buy electronics, outdoors gear, or kitchen equipment, I do a ton of research. I want to ensure that I am buying the best that I can afford. It’s easy to spend hours on this stuff if you’re not careful. While that can be a form of entertainment for some people, it’s a lot of time to spend on something that might only cost a few hundred bucks. What if you had someone to read all of the reviews and even test the products for you? That’s what The Wirecutter does. It’s “a list of the best electronics and gadgetry, each pick chosen mindfully and in accordance with many hours of research, interviews with the world’s most knowledgeable experts and testing, all backing up smart opinion.” While lots of other sites are constantly churning out new content to get more eyeballs, The Wirecutter just wants to give you all of the facts that you need to make the best purchasing decision.

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by on October 7, 2013

Upworthy Logo

If you use Facebook, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ve seen a friend post a story from Upworthy. The company’s goal is to get their content to go viral, and they’re really good at it. The difference between them and companies like CollegeHumor and Spartz Media is that Upworthy tries to focus on stuff that is both awesome and meaningful. Let’s be honest; most viral content is silly and mindless. Viewing it often makes you feel stupider (especially when you consider the way it’s displayed with ads and slideshows engineered to pillage every bit of attention they can get from you). Upworthy (which isn’t really based in any single location) calls itself “a mission-driven media company.” The goal is “to encourage that debate by curating great pieces of content that represent different sides.”

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I Will Teach You To Be Rich Logo

I have a platonic man crush on Ramit Sethi. I’ve pretty much been stalking him since 2007 (when I started ODOJ) by subscribing to his blog, signing up for his e-mail list, reading his book, poring over his Delicious links, and buying one of his courses. We even met in person once. It was in the lobby of a trendy W hotel waiting for him, and when he walked up I played it cool by slamming my head into some stupid lamp that was hanging over the lounge chair that I was sitting on. Why am I so obsessed with some random Indian dude who is only a couple years older than me? Because he has built an amazing business that helps people achieve their career and financial dreams. I tend to gag at most of the advice that I hear from “career experts,” yet when I see something come from I Will Teach You To Be Rich (Ramit’s company–he used to have to reiterate that it’s not a scam because the name sounds so questionable), my eyes get all dreamy and I just start nodding in agreement. I occasionally even yell “YES!” at my computer.

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by on February 1, 2013

Loudpixel Logo

Just about three years ago I was working on writing a book (never finished, and I’m glad that I didn’t). I wasn’t making much progress, so I decided that I needed a change of location. I went to some random coffee shop, checked in on Foursquare, and somehow stumbled upon a group of people who were “coworking.” The group is called Jelly Chicago, and I’ve been getting out of the house and coworking with them once a week ever since. It’s a social media success story, as is Loudpixel, a company started by two people I met at Jelly. Loudpixel is a Lansing, MI based (they moved there a couple years ago) “digital consultancy that works with companies and brands to deliver unbiased social media monitoring, measurement and insights research.”

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by on September 25, 2012

DramaFever Logo

This Gangnam Style craze is kind of ridiculous, right? I originally saw the video in July and found it pretty amusing, but didn’t think much more of it. A couple months later it has over a quarter billion views on YouTube. I’m not sure if the interest will carry over into other Korean entertainment acts, but if it does, DramaFever is extremely well positioned. They are a New York, NY based company that gives “you a better way to find and watch the best TV and movies from around the world.” Their original focus was on Korean dramas, but they are rapidly expanding their offerings of tv shows and movies from Taiwan, China, Singapore and the Philippines. Bollywood films and latin telenovelas will come next. What’s interesting about DramaFever is that they target their content toward English speaking audiences, so it’s not just about giving expats the content that they miss from home.

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The Nerdery

by on September 18, 2012

The Nerdery Logo

I don’t know if being a nerd has ever been cooler than it is now. As technology becomes more approachable, so do the people who make it. It’s even come to the point where kids who are anything but nerds are self-identifying as nerds by posting pictures of themselves wearing glasses on Instagram. They can call themselves whatever they want, but real nerds make stuff. That’s exactly what the nerds at The Nerdery do. The Nerdery is a Bloomington, MN based company (they also have an office in Chicago, IL) that partners “with creative minds and big thinkers to engineer and build award-winning interactive projects.” They’ve also managed to win a few awards for themselves including being named to the Inc. 5000 for five years in a row. This year they only came in at #1,041 with 305% three-year growth to $26.2 million in revenue. That’s ridiculously impressive.

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by on September 3, 2012

Pardot Logo

On Friday I visited one my Dad’s college friends at his workshop. He makes sails for traditional boats, and he’s been doing it for a long time. He doesn’t get a lot of incoming calls from potential clients (it’s a pretty niche business), but when he does, he almost always makes the sale (no pun intended). It’s because he has developed a process that shows potential customers that he’s undoubtedly the best guy for the job. He does it all by hand (even to the point of writing a personal letter), but it’s essentially automated. He spends about 15 minutes on it every morning, and that’s it. While that approach won’t work in a lot of business, nearly every company can benefit from automating parts of their marketing. Pardot is a company that provides software to do exactly that. They’re based in Atlanta, GA, and they came in at #172 on the Inc. 500 with 2,001% three-year growth and $7.4 million in revenue.

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Salmon Cove

by on May 19, 2011

Salmon Cove Logo

I love salmon (especially fly fishing for them). I also love Cornell Hockey. And I can get pretty excited about clothing if it matches my style. That’s why I was extremely interested when I heard about a clothing line called Salmon Cove that was launched by two former Cornell hockey players (Ryan Vesce and Ben Wallace) in 2008. I never ended up buying anything, but I occasionally checked back in to see how they were doing. Recently I noticed that I was seeing a lot of Salmon Cove ads targeted to me on Facebook, so I visited their website to see what was new. The company is now based in Chicago, IL (just around the corner from me), and it has relaunched with new owner/leadership. The brand and style are still the same–preppy–but they’ve certainly added a Midwestern flair with shirt names like The Macinac Button Down and The Harbor Springs Button Down. If I had to compare them to anything, it’d probably be Vineyard Vines, but Salmon Cove definitely has their own style (and an awesome fish logo on all of their clothing).

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by on October 4, 2010

Cornell students! I’m on campus right now, working from Mann Library. I’ll be here for a bit, then I’m going to head over to the Ives Hall. I’m wearing a green sweater and using a Mac. Come say hi! E-mail me at if you need help finding me.

MacUpdate Logo

I’ve been a Mac user since the early 90s. No joke. I remember the days of trading floppy disks with shareware on them back before the Internet. There weren’t a lot of Mac users, so we had to band together. In fact, I used an Apple IIe before I had a Macintosh, so I’ve been through all of the ups and downs with Apple. It’s a great feeling to walk into a college library and see more Macs than PCs. Even when I was here at Cornell, PCs were still dominant with college kids. Obviously the Internet along with the insane growth of Apple’s market share has made Mac software way easier to find, but Apple still doesn’t have an “app store” for programs to run on your desktop/laptop. That’s where MacUpdate comes in. They are “the number one, Mac-only software website on the Internet.” They not only make it easy to find great software for your Mac, but they also have software that automates updates to third-party applications.

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Lowercase Capital

by on August 13, 2010

Lowercase Capital Logo

I was considering writing about McDonnell Douglas after having my apartment building buzzed by F-18s all day yesterday (they’re practicing for the Chicago Air and Water Show), but I had a friend send me a link to a posting that was way too cool to pass up. It’s from the venture capital industry, which is notoriously hard to break into. Lowercase Capital is a new Angel Fund that was launched in June by Chris Sacca, who was formerly the Head of Special Initiatives at Google. I’ve spoken with a few venture capital companies who were interested in my business, and most seemed buttoned up (at least compared to the startups that they invest in). This is definitely not the case with Lowercase Capital, unless you mean buttoned up with a Bolo tie. Yes, Lowercase Capital has a Western theme, which is fitting because they’re located in Truckee, CA (I was in Truckee two days ago, and it’s awesome). It almost seems gimmicky, but the whole thing really speaks to how Chris is trying to change the way venture capital works with Lowercase.

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by on February 9, 2010

Fantazzle Logo

It’s a tough time of year for fantasy sports enthusiasts. The football season is over, and it’s still a bit early to be preparing for your fantasy baseball draft. There’s hockey and basketball, but they’re right in the middle of their seasons. The excitement of the draft is long gone, and the playoffs are still too far away. You need an outlet for all of that fantasy sports energy, and Arlington, VA based Fantazzle might be the perfect outlet. They’ve only been on the scene for a couple years, but they’ve already been acknowledged by The New York Times’ Fifth Down Blog as having the most accurate preseason fantasy football rankings for the 2008 season. I haven’t played any of their games, but it appears that they run weekly games instead of full season games. It’s for players who don’t the attention span to last a whole season (or maybe players who get discouraged by being in last place after a couple weeks).

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Flat World Knowledge

by on November 10, 2009

Flat World Knowledge Logo

Today’s post comes with a big announcement. I’m writing a book! A textbook on Career Development to be precise. The best part of that news is that the textbook is going to be available online for free because I’m working with an awesome publisher named Flat World Knowledge. They’re a Nyack, NY based startup that is aiming to revolutionize the textbook industry. I’m sure many have you have been forced into spending thousands of dollars over the course of your college career on textbooks (and how many of them remained in their shrink wrap?). Flat World Knowledge is building a business by providing you with better, more affordable options. Textbooks from Flat World can be read online for free. You can pay to print a chapter (or the whole book) at home. You can buy a softcover copy in black and white—or color. You can even get an audio book version. When my book comes out, you can read it however you want to read it—and you’ll never be forced to pay an arm and a leg for it.

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Miro Logo

Since we’ve started, one of our most popular categories for internships and companies has been Software Development. Despite this fact, surprisingly few of those software related internships have been at non-profit organizations. Still, we’ve come across our fair share – mostly open-source projects – of jobs at organizations that combine the web startup feel with the do-gooder mindset. One of those organizations is Participatory Culture Foundation, a Boston, MA based organization, that “makes bottom-up economies and cultures possible by ensuring that our political, social and cultural systems are open and democratic everywhere.” They took the non-profit route because they had seen too many startups sell out of their ideals due to financial pressure – that’s not going to happen to them.

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by on April 21, 2009

mental_floss Logo

I’m a sponge for random information. I’m not sure why, but I pick up all kinds of weird facts. Some people find it very impressive, while others think that I have way too much free time. If you’re like me and have a love for weird and unusual information, then you need to check out mental_floss – “where knowledge junkies get their fix.” I’m not a subscriber, but maybe I should be. Their About page does a great job of explaining what it is exactly that they write about. The magazine has 5 sections – Stories to Make You Smile, Feed Your Right Brain, Nurture Your Left Brain, Indulge Your Scattered Brain, and Learn to Spin the Globe. It’s everything that you need to be the king or queen of random information.

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by on November 25, 2008

ReadWriteWeb Logo

I’m not going to stop harping on the fact that the future of media is online, and that any journalism student who wants to get hired right out of college needs to be familiar with the “new media.” ReadWriteWeb is a perfect example of new media. It’s a “blog that provides Web Technology news, reviews and analysis,” and it’s the world’s 14th most linked to blog according to Technorati. ReadWriteWeb has over a quarter of a million subscribers, and they continue to break news relevant to web nerds like me. Whether you’re already a web nerd, or you’re just realizing that you need to be one to get a job, an internship with ReadWriteWeb might be just what you’re looking for

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The Onion

by on November 4, 2008

The Onion Logo

Happy Election Day! I’m not going to urge you to vote like most other people will, because yesterday I learned that “It’s more likely that you will be killed driving to the polling booth than it is that your vote will change the outcome.” That’d be a lot to have on my conscience, so I’m going to say vote at your own risk. If you’re upset that I’m making a mockery of the political system, then today’s company isn’t for you. That’s because we’re talking about The Onion and their internships. I can’t think of a more fitting company for election day (except for maybe Diebold, but they’re not nearly as much fun) than The Onion because politics and satire go hand in hand. Without politics satire is hamstrung, and without satire politics is utterly painful. The Onion is not only “America’s finest news source,” but also “the funniest publication in the US” according to the New Yorker.

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by on October 12, 2008

Globalhood Logo

Even though we’ve featured two non-profit organizations and their internships every weekend since February, we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to non-profits. There are thousands of organizations working to make the world a better place, and their numbers are constantly increasing. This growth has led to more and more non-profit organizations that exist solely to help other non-profits. One example is Globalhood, a New York City based non-profit organization that provides “incubation and consultancy services” with the mission of creating “innovative international development projects by bringing together people and knowledge from across disciplines.” Actually, Globalhood calls itself a “for social profit” not a “non-profit,” but legally it’s still a non-profit.

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by on October 10, 2008

RealClear Logo

I’m about ready to stick my head in the sand. I haven’t heard positive news from the world of politics, markets, or sports in quite a while. Instead of obsessing over every tidbit of bad news, I’d rather just focus on helping college students find jobs and internships and fly fishing. If you’re the kind of person who can’t do that – who needs to constantly be in the know, then an internship with RealClearPolitics/Markets/Sports might be perfect for you. It all started with RealClearPolitics, which is a website and blog that aggregates political based news and polling data. It was started by an options trader and an ad agency account executive in Chicago and has become a serious brand in the world of political news. Out of that success have grown two more sites – RealClearMarkets and RealClearSports – that focus on the worlds of finance and sports respectively. To fully understand what the sites are about and why they’re so popular, you’ll have to give them a visit and see them for yourself.

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by on September 22, 2008

MobileCrunch Logo

Are you waiting for a cell phone that you can get surgically implanted? If you intern with MobileCrunch, you might be the person who breaks the news on such a product. MobileCrunch is a blog about everything mobile (as in communications devices). They’re an offshoot of CrunchGear, which is an offshoot of TechCrunch, which is one of the most popular blogs on the planet. If you’re always counting the days until you get a free equipment upgrade on your cell plan, MobileCrunch is for you.

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by on September 9, 2008

Cracked Logo

Do you have trouble focusing? Is schoolwork hard to get done when there are so many great websites to look at? If you answered yes, then you’ve probably spent a lot of time on If you haven’t, you should. is “America’s Only Humor & Video Site, Since 1958.” Current features include 6 Real-Life Vigilantes Crazier Than Batman and The 8 Most Obnoxious Internet Commenters. 5 minutes on will give you a good idea of what they’re all about.

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Gawker Media

by on August 29, 2008

Gawker Media Logo

Yesterday we featured Transworld and their 6 publications. It was a bit hard to dig up specific internship information for each magazine, but we had fun, so we’re going to do it again. Today we’re going to look at Gawker Media and their network of 12 blogs. In case you’re not familiar with the Gawker network, here’s what it consists of Defamer (L.A. Gossip), io9 (Science Fiction), Valleywag (Silicon Valley Gossip), Deadspin (Sports), Jezebel (Celebrity, Sex, Fashion), The Consumerist (Consumer’s Rights), Jalopnik (Cars), Gawker (Manhattan Gossip), Kotaku (Video Games), Lifehacker (Productivity), Gizmodo (Gadgets), Fleshbot (Adult, no link – you can find that one on your own). It’s an impressive network of sites, some trashy, and some insanely useful. Gawker Media’s network has been identified as being the most valuable blog with some estimates of a $150 million valuation.

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Green Options

by on May 9, 2008

Green Options Logo

With the amount that the word “green” is thrown around these days, you’d think there are a lot of envious people out there. Maybe there are, but that’s not what it’s all about. It’s about being Irish. Just kidding. It’s about the environment. There’s still a ton of debate about how far we need to go to with environmentalism, but it’s hard to argue against improving efficiency and sustainability. Green Options is a blog network that is focused on the “need for innovative solutions to our (the world’s) problems.” They say that they’re “not treehuggers or hippies per se,” but that they “believe market-based solutions are the key to reaching true sustainability.” We second them on market-based solutions! It’s a great way to initiate change, because it starts with the most willing.

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