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VEE Corporation

by on December 22, 2009

Vee Corporation Logo

One of my earliest memories is from Detroit’s Thanksgiving parade. I think that I was about 2 years old at the time, and I saw Oscar the Grouch on some sort of float. I don’t remember much more about the parade, but I remember that. I guess that I’m an experiential marketers dream since I managed to remember that over all of the other cool things that happened when I was two years old (another early memory was getting my head stuck between the bars on a McDonald’s playground—another branded memory). I think that the people at VEE Corporation would be especially happy to hear about my early memory since they’re the company behind Sesame Street Live. They’re a Minneapolis based firm that provides “live entertainment, promotion and event marketing services for America’s most respected brands, properties and agencies.” They’re big on full-body costumes and mascots as well as merging marketing and entertainment.

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Brooklyn Academy of Music

by on December 13, 2009

Brooklyn Academy of Music Logo

When did Brooklyn become the cool place to live? It’s definitely trendy, and I think a big part of that has to be the borough’s unique culture. It’s pretty artsy, which is why it makes sense that it’s the home of “America’s oldest continuously operating performing arts center,” Brooklyn Academy of Music. BAM was founded in 1861 and is still going strong—they had an attendance of more than half a million people last year. Although they have the word academy in their name, BAM’s mission is “to be the preeminent progressive performing and cinema arts center of the twenty-first century, engaging both global and local communities.” That’s not exactly what I think of when I hear academy, but maybe that’s why they usually go by BAM.

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The New 42nd Street

by on November 22, 2009

The New 42nd Street Logo

One of the coolest things about big cities is that they have unique neighborhoods and districts. Small towns are lucky to have one theatre, but New York City has an entire theatre district, which is called 42nd Street. It’s kind of a misnomer, because the whole street isn’t filled with theatrers, but around the area where it intersects with Broadway at Times Square they get pretty dense. Unfortunately, in the 1980s a large swath of 42nd Street became neglected and blighted. With so much great theatrical history there, New York City and New York State got together to found a non-profit organization to revitalize the area. This organization is now known as The New 42nd Street. The organization “oversees the redevelopment of seven historic theaters on 42nd” and operates these three projects: New 42nd Street Studios, The Duke on 42nd Street, and The New Victory Theater.

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Disney Theme Parks and Resorts Logo

You know Disney. You love Disney. Who doesn’t? As a company they’ve stretched way beyond Mickey Mouse, but when it comes to Disney Theme Parks and Resorts, which includes Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL and Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA, it’s still all about Walt Disney’s imagination. There are few things as exciting to a child as a trip to Disney World or Disneyland, and the same can be said for a lot of adults. If there’s any company that I don’t need to tell you more about, it’s probably this one. What I can tell you is that your friends are going to be insanely jealous when you tell them that you’re going to be a part of the Disney College Program while they’re unlinking paperclips and making copies in some boring internship. You’ll also have something on your résumé that will always be the first topic of conversation. How could someone not ask you about your time at Disney World or Disneyland?

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Manhattan Theatre Club Logo

To be honest, I’m not a theater guy. I’ve been known to fall asleep in the middle of plays, so I’m probably not the best person to tell you all about the Manhattan Theatre Cub, but I do know that they have a great internship program. The Manhattan Theatre Club is “one of the only institutions in the U.S. solely dedicated to producing new plays and musicals.” They were founded in 1970, and now MTC, a non-profit, produces 7 plays a year for its subscriber base of 20,000 in Broadway’s recently restored Biltmore Theatre on West 47th Street and at the historic New York City Center complex on West 55th Street.

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