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by on December 12, 2008

Pitchfork Logo

I think that I’ve told you before that I don’t listen to a lot of music, and I stopped reading about music a long time ago. That means that I’m not very familiar with Pitchfork, but from what I hear, they’re a “a Chicago-based daily Internet publication devoted to music criticism and commentary, music news, and artist interviews.” That came from Wikipedia, because Pitchfork has somehow forgotten to include an About page on their site. Ok, so Pitchfork isn’t just about music. It’s about indie music – mostly indie rock but also “electronic, pop, hip hop, dance, folk, jazz, metal, and experimental music.” Beyond the daily e-zine that they publish, Pitchfork has also recently launched, their take on online tv.

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XXL Magazine

by on November 24, 2008

XXL Magazine Logo

I used to be an avid reader of hip hop magazines and online hip hop message boards, but ever since free music for all days of Napster ended, I’ve lost interest in keeping up to date on music in general. I’d imagine that many of you have also had declining interest in music as you’ve been in college, although I have to say that the presence of hip hop on college campuses and in all of pop culture seems to continue to rise. Is hip hop bucking the general trend? I can’t answer that, but maybe the staff over at XXL Magazine can. Back when I was fiend for all of the latest hip hop news, they were one of my favorite sources, although not The Source, for news. I haven’t picked up an issue in well over half a decade, but judging from XXL’s website, they continue to cover “hip hop on a higher level.”

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Ars Nova

by on November 6, 2008

Ars Nova Logo

Figuring out what you’re going to do after school is scary. If you’re an artist (of any kind), figuring out what you’re going to after school is absolutely terrifying. Why is that? Because to be successful in the arts, you need to take risks. Nobody enjoys painters, musicians, or actors who play it safe. People want art to push their limits. Ars Nova is New York City’s “premier hub for emerging artists and new work.” They encourage young people to push the limits of art, and they do so by giving them a place to perform and by “developing and producing eclectic theater, comedy and music to feed today’s popular culture.” If you’re a performing artist, then Ars nova might be a place that you want to look at as you plan your future. If you’re not a performing artist, but love the performing arts, then you might want to consider an internship with Ars Nova.

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by on October 30, 2008

SeeqPod Logo

I don’t know if you internship searchers are too young to remember the days of Napster and AudioGalaxy, but when I was in high school, finding music to download for free online was about as easy as it could possibly be. It’s kind of sad that even though technology has improved drastically, we still long for the “good ‘ol days.” SeeqPod, an Emeryville, CA based startup, has responded to the demand for finding free music online by taking the search engine approach. They don’t host any music, but they scour the Internet for playable audio files that you can listen to on their site. Their software finds a surprisingly wide array of musical titles (give it a try and see if it can find your favorite song), which is great, but it hasn’t come without some legal issues. Warner Music sued Seeqpod earlier this year, but there doesn’t seem to have been a resolution to the case yet. Despite the lawsuit, SeeqPod is still bullish on their future considering the fact that they’re hiring for a number of positions, including paid internships.

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Universal Music Group

by on October 9, 2008

Universal Music Group Logo

This is a guest post by Lauren Berger aka “The Intern Queen.”

In the music world – great labels can be few and far between – Universal Music Group remains on top. UMG (Universal Music Group) consists of: Interscope Records, A&M RecordsGeffen RecordsIsland Def Jam Music GroupLost Highway RecordsMCA NashvilleMercury RecordsMotown RecordsUniversal RecordsUniversal Records South, Verve Music GroupDecca Label Group, Universal Music Latino, Machete Music and Universal Music Enterprises. Internships at UMG are offered for Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters and are only for students currently enrolled in a college/university. The subsidiaries of UMG offering internships include Interscope Geffen A&M and Island Def Jam Music Group. The Los Angeles and New York offices are still looking for fall interns for the Fall 2008 semester.

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Fig Media Incorporated

by on October 3, 2008

Fig Media Incorporated Logo

Are you always the guy or girl in charge of the music whenever your fraternity/sorority/house/dorm throws a party? Or are you always responsible for editing the video or doing the designs in our group projects? If you’re either of these two and always the life of the party, then a part-time internship with Fig Media Incorporated might be a great way to spend some of your time this or next semester. Fig Media is a Chicago based creative agency that offers deejay, photography, and video services. They’re all about making events awesome, and then providing media that allows you to remember how awesome they were for many years after.

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Fuse Marketing

by on September 25, 2008

Fuse Marketing Logo

Hopefully you haven’t aged too much during college, because your youth is going to be one of your strongest assets if you want to apply for today’s internships. Fuse Marketing is a youth marketing agency that focuses on offering Consulting, Event Marketing, Communications, and Creative services. They work to “connect brands with youth through sports, music, fashion and other relevant youth cultural interests.” They’ve worked with Eastern Mountain Sports to build a more youthful customer base and with the Association of Surfing Professionals to increase awareness of its World Championship Tour. These are just a couple of examples of how major brands trust Fuse Marketing to reach young people.

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Carnegie Hall

by on September 13, 2008

Carnegie Hall Logo

We’ve written about Andrew Carnegie’s generosity before on One Day, One Job – we discussed entry level jobs with the Carnegie Corporation of New York back in May. It is just one of many non-profit organizations that bears Carnegie’s name. Another is Carnegie Hall, which Andrew Carnegie built because of his love for music. It’s an architecturally beautiful building in the heart of Manhattan with a storied history and amazing acoustics. It’s also host to approximately 250 performances every year. Carnegie Hall is the “ultimate destination for music lovers across the world,” according to Sanford Weill, the Hall’s Chairman of the Board, and it’s hard to argue with him. Carnegie Hall is all about music at its best, and if you believe strongly in the importance of music, you should consider an internship at Carnegie Hall.

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Atlantic Records

by on August 14, 2008

Atlantic Records Logo

You have to love a company whose founder is willing to admit he was wrong. Ahmet Ertegun, the guy who started Atlantic Records, once said, “I honestly never imagined I would be able to make a living doing something that was so much fun. I am very glad I was wrong.” Things may have changed at Atlantic Records – rhythm & blues, rock and roll, and jazz have certainly given way to hip hop, punk, and pop in terms of popularity, but you still have to imagine that it’s unbelievably fun to work with the biggest names in music. Atlantic’s artist list is ridiculously impressive with something for nearly everyone.

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Fearless Records

by on July 29, 2008

Fearless Records Logo

I have to admit that I’m starting to feel like I’m getting old (at 23). When I heard about internship opportunities at Fearless Records, I got excited, but then realized that I had only heard of one band (formerly) on their roster – Plain White T’s – and I don’t even know why I’ve heard of them. Anyway, it’s not that Fearless Records isn’t a great record label, it’s that I can’t keep up with new music any more. My first website was music related, but now I’m lucky if I know who half the artists on the Top 20 are. I do know that Fearless Records isn’t Top 20 type music, but I’m going to refrain from trying to talk too much about something that is out of my depth

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The Tank

by on July 20, 2008

The Tank Logo

You would think that a non-profit organization named The Tank would be some new age, trendy think tank – a 20 something’s take on a policy institute. The Tank is new and trendy, but it’s about as far away from research and advocacy as you can get. “The Tank is a space for performing and visual arts emphasizing new work by emerging performers, designers, writers, directors and producers.” The Tank is mainly centered around performing arts such as comedy, dance, film, music, multimedia, and theater. Major events that they put on include the Blip Festival and the Bent Festival, while they also put on smaller scale events every week.

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XM Satellite Radio

by on July 17, 2008

XM Satellite Radio

Yesterday we were doing our daily scan for Fall Internships on Twitter via Summize and came across something cool. XM Satellite Radio has a Twitter account solely for its internship program. Although they only have 7 followers at the moment, XM’s interns are doing something groundbreaking – they’re live micro-blogging their internships with corporate blessing. We are impressed! That was enough to convince us to write about XM’s internships; however, we were doubly impressed when a closer look at their internships site reavealed that XM currently has 31 Fall internships listed.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Logo

A few years ago, it became cool for companies to use the term “rock star” in reference to high potential applicants. As in, “We’re looking for a a rockstar PHP developer” or “She’s a total rockstar, we need to hire her.” Now everyone is saying it, and it’s lost its flare. Well, if there’s any entity that actually needs rock stars, it’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

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by on February 19, 2008

Current LogoWe first came across Current when we were researching entry-level jobs for One Day, One Job. Our first impression was that we didn’t get it. To clarify – not only did our cable provider not offer the Current tv channel, but we also didn’t understand what Current was all about. Our cable only goes up to channel 95, so we haven’t been able to tune in, but this article about Current on ReadWriteWeb helped us better understand Current’s market positioning and reason for existence. Current wants to be the place where the Internet meets television. It’s a good idea. Just look at Google Trends, and you can see how much television programming drives searches on the Internet. Current has 24/7 programming that relies on user-generated content from the net, which is definitely a new idea. Their web site is tightly integrated with their on air content, and viewers play a huge role in driving what gets broadcast.

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