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Research In Motion

by on March 16, 2009

Research In Motion Logo

I’m an iPhone guy, so I tend to feel sorry for people who are constantly thumbing away on their BlackBerries. That’s just my being a smug Apple user though. I realize that a lot of people love their BlackBerries and for good reason. They’re pretty remarkable devices, and they’re perfectly tailored for business use. (Although not as perfectly tailored as my iPhone! Ok, I’m done.) That’s why Research In Motion, the company that makes BlackBerries, has a 16.6% share of the smartphone market. They seem to have hit a bit of a rough spot lately (at least their stock price makes it look like they have), but their market position is still very strong. That’s why it’s no surprise that they appear to have a huge internship program; however, the real reason that I wanted to feature Research In Motion here is that they chose an unfortunate, yet inappropriately hilarious domain name for their Jobs site (it redirects now, but I think that you can figure it out).

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Linden Lab

by on February 11, 2009

Linden Lab Logo

I remember being wowed by a virtual world called The Palace back when I was in middle school. Looking at it today, it’s not nearly that impressive, but in the 90s it was pretty amazing to have an online avatar represent you to other people. I was pretty interested in the technology, but I never really understood the appeal of having an online alter ego. I guess I missed the boat, because Second Life, which is produced by Linden Lab, is absolutely huge now. In case you’re not familiar with Second Life, it’s “a revolutionary new form of shared experience, where individuals jointly inhabit a 3D landscape and build the world around them.” Put simply, it’s exactly what it’s name says it is – a second life. If you want a more detailed look at what Second Life is, you can find an overview here. So, it’s a virtual world. Big deal. Yes, big deal. Many companies are making a big deal out of having a presence on Second Life. They’re opening up stores and evening hold job fairs – for real jobs! In fact, Second Life even has its own economy.

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The Omni Group

by on February 9, 2009

The Omni Group Logo

First of all, if you haven’t enrolled in Found Your Career (our job search training course) – yet, there couldn’t be a better time. The first group of students who signed up before the launch are already 1/3 of the way through the class and making a ton of progress. Since we have an automated content delivery system, you can start classes at any time. With the economy the way it is, you need every advantage that you’ve got. Even new grads are applying for internships now, which means more competition. Speaking of the economy, remember the good old days when paid Software Development internships were a dime a dozen? Those days are over. There are still a ton of internships in the software industry, but it seems like everyone wants you to work for free now because even startups are hurting. One exception is companies that ride the coattails of Apple. If you’re developing software for Macs, or better yet, iPhones, then there’s a good chance that you’re doing pretty well. I mean, iFart is making its developer hundreds of thousands of dollars. One company that is certainly taking advantage of Apple’s surging popularity is The Omni Group, a Seattle, WA based software development house. They may not make farting applications, but they do create some pretty cool software.

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United States Secret Service

Yesterday was a holiday for a lot of people, and I’m going to guess that not a lot is going to get done today because everyone will be watching the inauguration. Many of you will probably try to use holidays and events as a way to put off your daily internship searching, but here at One Day, One Internship we try to make the most out of these situations by using them to generate ideas. Yesterday we look at internships at The King Center, and today we’re going to check out internships with the United States Secret Service. Why? Because today is a big day for the Secret Service. Managing security at an event like the Presidential Inauguration is a daunting task, but the Secret Service is at their best for events like this. That’s why we instantly thought of them when we tried to come up with some Inauguration related internships.

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by on November 18, 2008

Edelman Logo

Maybe I’ve started too many posts like this, but I was doing my daily scan of Twitter for interesting internships when I came across a tweet from @bethcromwell about StrategyOne internships. I clicked the link and was surprised to end up on the website of Edelman. Apparently StrategyOne is a part of Edelman, so I decided to take a look at Edelman’s entire internship program. Edelman is a huge PR firm. They have 3,100 employees across 51 worldwide offices. They were voted PRWeek’s Large Agency of the Year for 2008 because of their position as a thought leader in new and social media. It’s cool to see the big guys as early adopters, so that’s why we think an internship with Edelman might be worth considering. It’d also be worth considering because Edelman is the PR Agency that was behind the launches of Halo 3 and Adobe CS3. Sweet!

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Major League Baseball

by on October 1, 2008

Major League Baseball Logo

I never thought that moving to Chicago would prolong the baseball season for me. Living in the New York City area gave me 13 straight years of October baseball, and now that I’ve left, both Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium will remain empty for the rest of the fall before they eventually face demolition. It’s lucky for me that I’m now living in a new city that happens to have two teams that are still in it. I get a 14th straight year of local baseball in October! Playoff baseball is by far the most exciting baseball of the year, but it also means that season will soon be over. Those of you who are baseball fans know how long the winter seems when there is only hot stove chatter to keep you entertained while you wait for pitchers and catchers to report to Spring Training. Although it may seem ridiculously early, now is the time to start thinking about your Summer plans if you want to intern with Major League Baseball. It’s pretty obvious that there is a lot of demand for these internships, so you need to make sure that you’re on the ball and beat all of the deadlines.

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Russell Investments

by on May 22, 2008

Russell Investments Logo

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our daily internship posts, you know that we’re starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. We’re not saying that the Summer opportunities that are available in late (yes, the 22nd is late) May are necessarily of lower quality, but it’s like a Black Friday Sale – the good stuff usually goes fast (and the best internship programs usually do their hiring months in advance). Well we were shocked to come across a company called Russell Investments that is one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2008 and is still hiring Summer interns. We actually found out about these internships from the Twitter profile of Amod Damle Russell’s Manager of College Recruiting.

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As we continue to help you in your hunt for last minute internships, you need to remember that our daily posts are just jumping off points for your internship hunt. Just because the company that we feature isn’t near where you live or isn’t in the industry that you want to work in doesn’t mean that you should pass over it. Think about similar companies or fields and use the ideas that you come up with to formulate your own internship search plan. For instance, we are looking at internships at Wild Waves Theme Park in Federal Way, WA today. There may not be a ton of you out there who live near Wild Waves, but there’s a good chance that many of you live a commutable distance from a theme park. Use the job search techniques that we’ve taught you and see if you can find an internship at your local theme park.

Wet and Wild Internships

Whether you’re looking for summer jobs or internships, theme parks are a great place to look because they’re always hiring college students. Theme parks are generally large operations, so there’s more to working for them than taking tickets, selling hot dogs, or dressing up as a character in a costume that is 140 degrees on the inside. Wild Waves Theme Park is looking for interns in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Food Service, Information Technology, and Retail. The only specific information that we could find about individual internships were job postings for their IT Internship, Marketing Internship, and Finance Internship. From those postings you can apply directly for the internships. We’re not quite sure if the other internships are still available, as they’re not listed in Wild Waves’ job openings, so your best bet is to fill out a general application and to state your desired internship. You could also try calling 253-661-8027, which appears to be the phone number for their HR office.

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I Can Has Cheezburger Logo

Today I’m posting from Cornell University, because I’ve returned to my alma mater for Slope Day. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s Cornell’s version of Spring Weekend. It’s the last day of classes, so everyone skips out, goes to a big hill on campus, and behaves as you’d expect they would during a campus-wide party. It’s definitely important to check your privacy settings before posting Slope Day pics on Facebook. Since Spring Weekends are usually described as “ridiculous,” we’re going to go with that theme for today’s internships. I Can Has Cheezburger? is a website that has its entire revenue model based on pictures of cats with funny captions – better known as Lolcats.

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