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by on April 18, 2014

Fullscreen Logo

It still amazes me how much old media drives new media. If you’re already famous, you can almost instantly carry that fame over to social media. A show like Shark Tank can drive millions of dollars in online sales. And the right tv mention can crash a website. What I think is cool is that we’re starting to see the reverse happen. People who are famous on Youtube, Twitter, or Instagram are carrying that fame over to more traditional channels. In short, it’s all coming together, and marketers need to be ready for it. Fullscreen is a Los Angeles, CA based agency that is aiming to build “the first media company for the connected generation—together, right at the intersection of tech and entertainment.”

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Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Logo

There’s a long history of poking fun at Martha Stewart, and it started well before she went to prison. There’s just something funny about someone who takes perfection in domesticity as seriously as she does. My family even played an integral role in the satire of Martha with my little sister’s appearance in the parody magazine Martha Stuart’s Better Than You at Entertaining, which was a follow up to Is Martha Stuart Living? (here’s a picture my sister as young Martha Stewart in the parody). We can keep laughing at Martha Stewart, but she’ll always get the last laugh. She has an amazing track record of reaching the top in nearly everything that she has done–from babysitting for Mickey Mantle’s kids to starting a successful catering company in her basement to building a New York, NY based media empire in Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Martha Stewart is apparently now worth well over half a billion dollars, and has used her personal brand to build amazing print, television, online, and merchandise properties.

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by on April 4, 2011

Corbis Logo

Have you ever grabbed a photograph off the Internet for an assignment? I’ll bet most students have done this at some point. But how many actually think about whether or not they have the right to use that image? It may not seem important, but what if that photo is being published in a newspaper, magazine, or blog? The person who created the image needs to be compensated. The same can be said for other creative works like videos, illustrations, music, and more. The problem is that individual creators don’t want to spend their time selling their work and protecting their copyrights–they want to keep putting out more quality work. That’s why companies like Seattle, WA based Corbis exist. They buy and sell the rights for creative intellectual property. They have a massive catalog, so if you needed an image of fly fisherman with a mountain in the background at sunset, they have what you need. In other words they bring efficiency to a market that would otherwise be extremely fragmented and inefficient.

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United Talent Agency

by on February 28, 2011

Looking for something to do in your free time? The Washington Media Scholars Program offers you the chance to put your smarts to work in an exciting case competition.

United Talent Agency Logo

When I chose to pursue a degree in Labor Relations, a big part of my decision was based on the fact that I wanted to be a sports agent (me and every other 18 year old sports loving guy). I eventually realized that I wasn’t interested in that kind of lifestyle, but I’m still fascinated by the profession (I’d kill to read an in-depth biography of Scott Boras). If you’re like me, but haven’t given up the dream–and you’re more interested in Hollywood than professional sports, then you’ll want to check out United Talent Agency. They’re a Beverly Hills, CA based talent and literary agency. They were founded in 1991, and they have “more than 100 agents representing actors, writers, directors, producers, recording artists, below the line talent, IP rights holders, emerging technology companies and corporate brands in a variety of practice areas including film, television, music, digital media, intellectual property, computer and video games, commercials, voiceovers, endorsements, branding & licensing, corporate consulting and entertainment marketing” according to Wikipedia. Their clients include Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Owen Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Patrick Dempsey, Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan, and plenty of other huge names, so you know they’re for real.

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by on August 26, 2010

Lucasfilm Logo

Let me preface this post by saying that there is no way that I am going to do the topic justice. There’s just no way that I can properly bring to life the story of Lucasfilm when I’m just not all that into Star Wars. I’ve seen the trilogy, and I even saw the one or two of the movies from the prequel trilogy, but I’m not a fanatic. With that said, there are plenty of fanatical Star Wars fans and fans of George Lucas’ work. What he was able to do with late 70s/early 80s technology in the Star Wars movies is incredible, but what’s even more incredible is the excitement that Lucasfilm has been able to build around its franchises—mainly Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Lucasfilm is located in San Rafael, CA, while they also have a large presence in Singapore. They’re a monster name in the film and entertainment industry, and they also have businesses including Industrial Lights & Magic, Lucasarts, Lucasfilm Animation, Lucas Licensing, Lucas Online, and Skywalker Sound.

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Adventure Publishing Group Logo

Yesterday I was walking around in a variety/novelty/toy shop. It’s the typical vacation town toy store with all kinds of goofy stuff. As soon as I went through the door I regressed back to about 8 years old. I was picking up everything and playing with it—cap guns, balsa wood airplanes, and the avenging narwhal play set (check it out, it’s awesome). Obviously I’m extremely immature. If you’re like me, but you’d like to do something more mature with your childlike tendencies, then you might want to check out Adventure Publishing. They’re a New York based company that specializes in trade publications—specifically magazines related to the toy and licensing industries. Yes, they make magazines about toys.

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by on June 8, 2010

TerraCycle Logo

I have my big annual fishing trip coming up next week, which means that I’m starting to go through my mental gear checklist. One thing that I’ve been looking for is some sort of pack to carry all of my stuff when I’m on the river. I used to use a vest, but it’s no longer doing the job. In my search for a perfect pack, I came across a company called Recycled Waders that makes gear out of old waders (waterproof boots that go up to your chest to keep you dry while standing in the water). I’m pretty sure they’re too small to have any internship opportunities right now, but luckily I found a company (from a reader e-mail) that takes a similar approach, but with a much larger audience. They’re called TerraCycle (based in Trenton, NJ), and they turn trash into stuff. You can get an insulated cooler made out of Skittles bags. Or a kite made out of Oreo wrappers. Or a tote bag made of Capri Sun pouches. It’s all about making “affordable, eco-friendly products from a wide range of different non-recyclable waste materials.”

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Elie Tahari

by on January 21, 2010

Elie Tahari Logo

I’m probably more fashion conscious than the average guy, but not remarkably so. I have a few brands that I really like wearing—Bonobos and lululemon athletica for example—and most of the rest of the stuff that I buy I get from Gilt Groupe, which is always introducing me to new brands. I figure that it’s important for me to stay up on fashion to some extent because so many of you are interested in internships in the fashion industry. I recently noticed that one brand that I’ve seen on Gilt Groupe before, Elie Tahari, has a number of internships available. Elie Tahari is both the name of a designer and “a privately held global lifestyle brand with a presence in more than forty countries.” The company is headquartered in New York and serves both men and women who are “looking for fashion and value in luxury ready-to-wear.”

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by on October 31, 2008


If you’re like Derek Zoolander and can’t turn left, then a career as a NASCAR driver probably isn’t in the cards for you; however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t work for the the country’s 2nd most popular sports league (based on television ratings). Some may debate whether NASCAR is a sport or not, but nobody can debate its popularity. It’s huge. I’ve never watched more than 5 minutes of a NASCAR race, so I’m not the guy to sell you on NASCAR, but I do know that it’s a hell of a business. The league made $3 billion in profit last year, and they apparently share some of it by paying their interns.

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Kenneth Cole

by on June 26, 2008

Kenneth Cole Logo

Sometimes stories are too good not to repeat. “The Birth of a Shoe Company” as told by Kenneth Cole is one of them.

Twenty years ago, I wanted to open a shoe company with limited money. From experience I knew one had to get in quickly because so often new companies run out of cash flow before they get the chance to conduct business. I also knew it was easier to get credit from factories in Europe who needed the business than from American banks that didn’t. So I lined up the factories, went to Europe, designed a collection of shoes, and returned to the states to sell them.

At the time, a shoe company had two options. You could get a room at the Hilton and become 1 of about 1100 shoe companies selling their goods. This didn’t provide the identity or image I felt necessary for a new company, and it cost a lot more money than I had to spend. The other way was to do what the big companies do and get a fancy showroom in Midtown Manhattan not far from the Hilton. More identity, much more money too.

I had an idea.

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